did you know..Bee...s ...bite before they sting"

 " because the sting is all, and nothing... for the Bee... a nuclear option that is also suicide... so they give a nip first"

So the impossible few days landloping around... mainly hoping to bump into someone i never see.

Starts with holey boot. " stormsure... is more important than my feelings"

But the next day

" so... are you buying things for the season"

(smiling) " i'm a communist..ignore it" he lied.

" ohhh wonderful... bees are communists, too..."

And then so quicky the best man i ever met begins his tales.
Two visits to him saturday morn.... I have a load of interviews too over the years not about me... one day i must start to share
i couldnt do this even 5 years ago
It takes fully letting go

the shortest version ever:

( theres more on tape...about how even your honey is full of microplastic ...all in the sir...all that wadhing man made fibres... even the bees cannot not breathe it and weave it into their honeypots)

" veroa... the the professors of bees  and bigger bee keepers than i.. said ' BEES DONT BITE...' only sting

veroa mite decimating hives.... crisis.... i just watched mine day after day....
and looked at the mites... 
and took my gloves off

the experts all said we MUST use mite pesticide chemicals... or else.. mass extinction of all bees.

i noticed
they were nipping my hands when everyone else KNEW bees dont bite....
and then saw also if look carefully, nipping at the invading mites...organising learning trees some on  biting guard others being taught....
so i left the chemicals aside
a beekeeping neighbour of mine got so angry implying i would spread even more veroa..reported me to authorities...
but over a year, he, spraying his hives... lost 21 of 22...all dead
me i still had 4 out of 18 fully alivecand well...

i told the top professors of bees.... 
a few months later they delivered famous papers on we must let nature find a way and i had shown it did..... no more chemicals.

so we are breeding now for bees that bite... a lot of veroa from my bitey Bees..

they always bite before they sting... conserve sting for nuclear option... suicide.... "
and above all by being attacked by the new mite... they found skills inate within,  to counterattack we never new they had...
you must let some damage occur..if you love your Bees..its the natural way.....that way better things happen im time"

" that is best metaphor and beautiful one man against all the experts.. who turns out to be right i have heard.... so did Professor Pesticide credit you in his paper?..if not..lets get this story out one is perfect..."
first bit of film below