Saturday 18 November 2023

the art of therapy and healing and stuff like that that works!

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The mind of the pilot with a job the world would die for. Much more important, giving up an identity, vocation, or skill the world would die for. Pt 1 


ed snote: hmmm.... all i know is stopping; some existence one is king or queen of, can be such a truly best next dancestep in life. But addiction to oneself is far more serious than awful little peabrain Aron's 'trauma'  he wrongly sees as root of all woes...  and are so addicted to his  ham ( ex pretty bohoboy) sexyguru psychotwaddle, that people don't have time stop

being what theyre 'good' at. 99.999% never can...

pity them.


Inside the head of a pilot. pt 2. Why " i reject institutions" is necessarily for the real good of humanity. No joke.

maybe more important, this is a cluster ... ( why is'clusterfuck' even a word?)

of messy unwoven themes and actual real stories that cannot be faked, but in toto with a few more added... make you someone who always means what you say, bully for just me as i never encounter that so am clearly ill

the most important of all may be impossible to put into words, unless there are at least 5,000,000 more than awful Knaussgard's 3000 pages of waffle in Mein Strugglism.. i read them all

2004... ( i really do have to think about her....i mean she promised my lass! and i knew every word from her mouth was non vegan honeydew... the beautiful people of the lotus would have fought duells to the death to bbq ) 

She... 1 million times more kosher a beautiful people person than all the truly cheap counterfeits i find everywhere for years ( 50% past region, defo 75%+ this)

and she coerced and controlled and manipulated and gaslit [ if thats how you spell it i am certainly not polluting my 'feed' with such non word words] me into reading.... him....

and HIS River Piedra

and i knew


what polution they ...the B P nymphs, were swimming in, and how this was the death of them all...

Because so beautifully and engagingly con them all....all! ... that you must go off searching for your self, spirit, a better self....

and all that truly evil marriage wrecking  more anti womanthan the Queer'un....

was wrong.

Iam not English, hate tge pkace, knew the  reality of it long ago... 

And have spent gae more psychologically healthy and intellectually satisfying times with men and women just about anywhere that isn't here (" ferral Teletubbies" i got to today)

But i know one thing above all opinion, because you have to live it: to be stuck, forced to stay in the place you [ really are] 100% sure is the worst of all places to be...and no soulful people can ever be found or even happy rural yokels, my main objective..

being stuck ( but how can that word apply, a real man has no choice,  cannot go, there is nowhere to go 'to' if your child is not there, unlike my ones so called stepmonsterdad who left his)

having no choice but to remain in the truly worst places in the world 

turns out yo be the very very very best way of being there is...for your real soul.... 

Mister Coehlo of course too high on Gladtonbury, bad drugs and his self image to ever stop and think.... may be a far better real therapy, spiritual quest, form of enlightenment...than his runaway bride series of most insidious  toxic river pollutant ever scribbled....

must get that into a realman therapy 45 min podwaffle...