Wednesday 3 April 2024


 ... As Mrs Buzz said - a very   rare bright eyed one, in fact the only other, after the Blush and her "Steinbeck",  those books, stories ' worlds'  in the childrens books ( not Potty Poter, magic is not real) created a better  wiser individual inside her ...

Caused an inner world where one works through a balanced goodness.  right and wrong ( and all yoof ARE pukka  ' utilitarians' and if surveyed a great majority understand ' faurness'  but your 'intellectual' class my ... i have studied them a few years ..John Gray...  Harris,  The yank religious bigots ( who really are in charge, such as Shapiro..they are delivering your Trump the second comming) ..AC Grayling even  cannot stand the notion of ' utilitarian'   ('ism') =  greatest good for greatest number...obviously in a non Stalinist gramewirk of universal human rights....

nope.... so the ' inner ' world created by the best art and stories ... are all you have and are... 

the  potentially best version of you.

That sounds a bit pretentious, but i know some culture does that. But self pity NEVER  works... nobody told the yummy/bluehairs  poisoning Gwerk and the like, preaching  that some confected ' vulnerability'   fails to elevate the human spirit such that it ' fights' 

no they just do showoff yoga on her river bank...where they will be seen

But it must be elevated properly.....that spirit.... a fairly constant stream of goodish art maybe is needed

The  woman who can Fakebook jot, as she did, " i no longer believe in or will be part of any institution"  puts herself in danger... though they all wiggle out.... they go and hide under the bridge.

Ai Weiwei stood up against a national tyranny. So had to leave that nation.

If one listens yo the Today program this morning, about 0630 we have two  far-too-young  ' analysts' on Thames Water, ecoli suppliers to Royalty... and Oxbridge

" well... Thames Water is in fact a range of [ legal] entities.. . the well known  label that

 share price is hardly changed by bad PR... there are other segments of the [ same] entities  which are failing in share price"

to translate: big spivvy business worked out 30 years ago... as she got off her banana boat... running from a war:

Its war... they must RESERVE the RIGHT ... to cut corners...  if the water companies fully comply with DECENT standards it may cost them so much cash, they may go bankrupt... ..or a massive PR  hickup may badly affect them

so they fence off sections of the  regional,  only company, dealing with water in that region, ' Thames ' water... into a jigsaw of fenced off  ' entities' ... one may be allowed to go bust, not affecting much the main ones left behind.

All are owned / shared by the same investors ...

one 'entity' is thrown overboard in choppy seas

In shorr the big corporations have been laughing at the pathetic cuitzenry 20 + years... 30 years ago they  set up their war chest ckeverly enough such ad they are


unless art... real art..  can somehow so fully get to the hearts and souls  of  people that they make real change

Them ... not 

politicians ...  politicians change very little

Only oeople cause real change

Ask Mr and Mrs Nicolae Ceaușescu 

though myself 100% total pacifist, i wouldnt even punch back some redneck lost  sad manchild of Gwerk swinging a punch


as chemical use has more than anything added to drain outflow

and this load of Nazis cannot take a joke ... and all good jokes must include a few molecules if truth

" so... wow your look is SO  emotive.... so perfectly saintly......just out of curiosity  have   you invented makeup and clothesdye,  never mind compulsiry hairdye... that miraculously ALCHEMISES change.... without using any man made mollecules? that'll end up down the bog...... too?"

Never mind the aesthetic:


( asexual, too)

which i do not believe actually inspired anyne ever to DO anything .

( NB....YOU ... all... think i am some sociopath no one will talk to...well the joke is on you you dad cunt..... I  have 100+ interviews over 10 years, in fact more like 200.... some 3 or 4 returns ....   to the same woman neighbour.... one she is BOSS of the local foxhunt hunt in W Herefordshire...the lovely Laura - THE most attractive woman by far,  for makeup or chemicals...her scent, only eau de horseshit ...

.... my friend... took me horseriding late 2019 . ... " laura ... ' smiley rider'  .. [" oh i l love that nicknane you give me!" ] you know.... i am  virtually a hunt  sab... after your lot tore cubs to bits in the newspapers....  but you i totally respect your friendship  openness and SENSE of HUMOUR ...our chats.....our swapping whatsaps of muckheaps......and  taking me riding for free alone a true real woman...  shame about the [ then]  drunk who shares your bed but still you i value 100% .."...  women are needed more than men in eco protectiin...i have many many  similar chats as with Mrs Buzz... 200+... none got an arrest or complaint.... ever ... so you van guck off ....asduming. )