Friday 17 May 2024


 truly awful wafflings, but that is the point: it is so hard to say INTELLIGENT  coherent things about how hard it is to  even discern the REAL steps to  becomming happy ....

Except step 1, use your Eckhart Tolle for toilet paper or to light the wooodburner, as you are sat there all alone 1 per woodburner.

..... cos he   caused you to Be so fussy....

Happiness pt 1 of a few.

audiofile 355

Happiness pt 2

audio 357

Lots to add in here.
As it is a terribly difficult concept - the real and sustained version ( not the fake guru boook, to guru film versions) , a REAL version ..
( i have meandered through many ' quay to happiness'  and " zen" books .
 theyre all rubbish... firelighting paper)

 it will be a mess. ... for a while.

continues audio only