Tuesday 2 April 2024


 the job

this one of dozens, over years, but NOT  a ' cause', in fact  if nothing else i shall write a 30 pp pamphlet and circulate it in Hay-on- Wye at some point in the next few months, merely the

'true story' of their so so luvvie- media,  covered river... and fake heroic 'legal battle'.

the job....if film,  or more  impactful material to be created, firstly get a sidecick 

i so hate all tech except a press a button camera or audio, i do not edit .. i am sick of devices...  need a device person...

maybe get a sidecick merely to make a 20 min short film...  

the themes spoken of in here


that end up today in  off the cuff unplanned rounded up presentation to my fave encounter of the region.

( in ANY journaling....' journalism' just comes from journaling, i always try to keep everything as anonymous as possible - would NEVER hashag a name or even place name.... 

Because all i ever do is ' universal'  ( and the baddies never worth naming they are so shabby)

Only exception being if someone has taken shedloads of public money, or  sought shedloads of  public admiration...or paid public media money such as BBC cash... ...all  quite deliberately

And done nothing 'good' with their position, or worse...

for my notes (efficiency)

 that conversation continues in audio only

or here audio file only

but this is incomplete as have to do a bit of work fiddling with other bits of audio that are not in this audio here,  ( i do 3 things concurrently, often, i.e. recording podcasty talks etc AS I AM WALKING! for heath.....and forget to turn off recorder, so bits need separating out and  reordering....)
one day....if ever i get to a socket for a 10 hr session


follows on from 

i have an audio too
to upload soon

 on the beach....poshvoice but with that ' hurt' in it.....of " ohhhhwww yes we are part of the case of course of  course we are... "

... someone lived a long way away a long time..

. i hope she is aware of perjury lore...