A gatheration of insights about


 ' simple' 


sept 2023

The main ' simple' is in fact: act upon,  remember ... always, on ONE ' good thing'

About anyone. ( who matters)

" hiraeth" "ascetic" all very well.

"  I, too, came to terms with -  accept  entirely, death"  

even better

( at which point one begins to actually Be alive :-)

But those were words, i know what simple life, is

And it can only Be lived...all the way. There is no fence upon which to " bird"-perch. Stuck upon, the shit merely dribbles  down the fencewire, and  leaves one open to eviction ire.

And if someone really did mean that is a mode they understand, have lived  and may live even more,  and Be..... even insired to do so   by my many stories, that is the 

'one good thing'

all you need to  marry someone, i only knew one  i wished to marry, to Be married to her, 

not a blood red little book...

I am always loyal to that 

' one good thing'  if it is real.. her, i think so...

but going super simple is really letting go, and staying 'simple' all the way... for the Rest if Life.

Because it also keeps you living, longer... ( and far saner in fact)

And i and why

if anyone can...

To Be continued