Sunday 14 July 2024




Stay true to self...

 its overrated.

Especially with....

to be cont

And Swiss...

 The Swiss couple, the best of all.

Every word with them was, joy...

The real kind. Grown up. Shared.  Real "connection". Eye to eye....

Now, to walk backwards, through


100km a week for ten still weeks...

And quite a few fine Germans met and walked with a little...

Along our  remote pathways

I found Europe.... on sea.... even if rather filled with PCB

Friday 12 July 2024

Just "nature"...

And protecting it...

Not that there is any point, as a year ago i simply had no idea the total materialism in the rest of this Nation...
And how in fact 99% must 'identify' / validate, god only knows what ate...  themselves by some accessory.... 

i must do this hadnt occurred... if i park here i see the sunrise up from the sea at about the front right hand windscreen pillar... and the setting at the front left windscreen pillar... quite surreal ! i had no idea  how close rise and set were for the month or so around midsummer....uninterrupted by any land...

it is quite special


i have many ...many... meanderings just meandering all summer in the byways....never ever the highway. It is dangerous here... they dont like walkers. 

I buy or consume nothing other than the absolute necessities.... bare necessities.
Nature to me  is that never in my life upon my body is anything superfluous, and unnatural,  from a silly cowboy hat in the summer ( i see now they all wear....some high fashion headwear even in high summer!) to sunglasses which literally make me feel ill...
no costume (compulsory here), no jewelry adornment, no products, no tattoos, no chemical at all ever upon my body,  no clothing other than the plainest always logos, no lettering on me,  no  chemicals in any way ever... NOTHING..i wasnt born with...  except a few minimal plainest NOTshowing off rags.. no sunhat no sunscreen...  no water bottle....  NOTHING...

no sunglasses..

And from now on i never ever make the 
 taking to...a 

(be cause... one is so much happier nothing ever ever to lose...and ANYthing can be fixed to keep it going years)

(soon....SIMPLE LIFE..tales of = in fact a solid 10 days using the bad weather the last 2 weeks to ultra fix... the cornerstone of the operation)

So, two months...i have driven a vehicle only 1km ... to merely reposition against the varying wind direction...

And above all that is returning to 'nature'... the body returning to a rhythm and mode of 'muscle memory' to use one of their wank wordings, where all thought in fact resets so as to be about what one can do by foot, only...

And about 100km by foot week in week out...  the same remote pathways...way away from ANY traffic noise' in fact  fair dinkum even in my past region one could be horribly reminded of the military industrial complex once or twice week some SAS airborne murder machine out in The Marches on monoverse...

Much of this county far far far worse ....

Here.... none.

Indeed therein is a theme one day i shall essay upon. Two years ago The Mong least she had a sense of actual grown up humour, " love you are too good for this world... you live in LONDON! now.... doing art projects on 'nature'  even if compulsory for your MFA is basically prostitution... you are using 'nature' to look good... at least from your childhood ACTUALLY in nature... the remote lonely hardly-ever-see-another-person variety as mine....  living there months on end... knowing actual 'nature' is about persisting with nothing human to divert you...  and learning that all 'human' is artifice...  in fact in a service economy, merely millions of people figuring how to sell themselves as snake oil vendors rather that be a cleaning lady... and decades ago they turned to 'nature' to  sell... i actually don't know what, but i never met ANY one who can just BE in in... BE.. be there for no reason, especially  not to make duff art about it... or pose on media in it...for as long as it takes to stop and take the selfie..."

LOTS... tons... of selfies to come 

so many that there wouldnt be any time to do much else...

just IN nature... 

to make a point

Some of us... maybe about 3 in the whole country

Actually do mean what we say when we say

we like nature..And little else.

....or to be more honest as so much cant and vanity has been written of nature since about Maybe, we see through every single thing humanity ever did since he or she started to make up stone age campfire stories... and therein became unnatural, because 'nature' is just about being

But no more....  ever since yet another chancer over educates himself  into indigenously taking power over the ordinary common wo/man living in this modern age ...  via bad books to the usual Tom Paul formula.... that all in fact deep down are judgmental and neurotic, as is any ex city person,   because only accepting the total nothingness in being in history, no 'colonisers' no yesterday only what next....

That is what actually living 'close to nature' means...

But it means fucking  the whole of nature is geared only to two sexes chasing each other around the bracken half the year... and screwing

 But the yank insurance company,  wouldnt insure the 'feminine' getting back to the earth   ....weekend workshopping at 300 quid if they 'celebrated' REAL nature....

Anyway "change" ..... I have had a few deeper insights wandering 100km a week... and as there is no hope of ever encounter ANYone who can live simply... or ever mean what they say 

After the very last small phase of simplifying, soon..

Tis time to 

Write elsewhere, entirely incognito,  how truly lifesaving 'simple' is... was...i dont claim anything ever unless it has WORKED... over a long long time.

" Suzi... my final the election is here... for 20 years... the 'good'...more 'THOUGHTFUL' people....  who may have been less self interested and a little more common good orientated...  and certainly may mean a bit they wish to protect the environment and nature.... as i saw .. from the inside... how almost all took to fake 'spirituality'... endless shabby gurus, some they would read their rubbish for hours days... energy, 'healing'  shaman this that and the other....and i laugh at how since 2020 the underlings of the snake oil stalls have so so revved up their fakery into the swankiest weasel words ever...  not one has a millisecond or quantum loop of  actual poise and grace and stillness so busy trying not to be a cleaning lady selling  something that should never even be named, as we simply have no idea what the 'ineffable' is... and certainly not 'celebrated' or 'prayed' to or about or with... something other, is...and good for it... none of my ferkin business... period... and they arent 'divine' or 'mystical' or 'elemental' or out of the ordinary either... if you are one of the roughly 100 ish mammal species who  refresh the womb lining every now and again via  excreting it frontwards rather than the saner 98% who manage to absorb old womb cells back into their bodies thus not wasting so much on 'sanitary' products....... politics and grown up society is SO damaged because of all these once sane people ...ok mainly of the female crystal sales woman variety...  who incidentally used to be by FAR the best new political class, down to earth, no nonsense, into REAL justice... decided to get into vudu instead ... even if they call it all sorts of new age non words...and none have any 'energy'  at dawn to get up... despite trying to even sell 'energy'....  why all of them hate me...  anyway i never mattered, the same old neurotic city men in charge does... and it is ONLY because the once good people, became self obsessed....and dressed it upin fake 'spirituality'..i have never et ANYone ...'spiritual' even if 95% of my encounters in life in fringe places...heretoo...would all hashtag themselves on their fakebook or instant gram of sickly dopamine... as 'spiritual' as it gets..."  .... one by one...year after year.... since starting to try and get green allies... every single one ran away crying to concentrate on her chakra rather than DO some actual real hard work lobbying MPS on pollution...  and all that....and in ALL the MArches..sadly The LAbour party as ONLY ex neurotic a woman...  were terrified of nature... and have NO idea how it works.... so i wouldn't hold out a millisecond of hope for that river Arrow of yours ever being protected... "

Terrible writing ...waffle and stilted 

Because i went truly   hermitude zen... i only use 'devices' for this... and need to even de-this... there never was any i full well knew


Wednesday 10 July 2024

very very

 quiet .



But, why "simplify"?

And so much more of " quiet" to come..

So interruptus, by no ' body'...


Even if there is 'spirit'.

But the final conclusion was faux 'spirituality', is worse than everything else put together, including people pleasing, not 'meaning what you say'; the three faces, of all around....  


You cannot, beat 


" fifty six..... you have a certain movement about you young man...." i  extemporise a tad

As we eye tooeye....on the cliff

Extemporise it....all....

Fuck a duck ... there still is only one whom does it for me, and youtoo....

Cos i need doin' to 

To do.

What even Suzi sed, needs to Beedone

....  But thistermorn, they said... " we write.."

SO where doe we even start?

Years ago i remember exactly when, the Christian Cret he said.... 

"in balance nuthin' happens"

But i should have stood my ground: "Andrew my mantra is 'balance'.."  as i privelaged him by beginning.

At the beginning, her rain came, in my ears.

And he doesn't even get a mention.

And the only beginning, is the second - a civilised continent generally has a nap at lunchtime.

And a second wind after it.

So, how do you do a Montaigne, when stuck. 

And the ultra, actual merm, tracks me down, and as if the movie was scripted way way before the word was invented 3000 odd years ago - hewn into a stone tablet, plays her part to perfection.

One day i shall turn into a tablet, remedial...... because i know when the end times sit at the cliff staring into nothing as there's nothing inside...

Saturday 6 July 2024

But.....sheezz even bettah than Tammy

 rit yestereve now i have all the time in the world

And await


Cos there's an OBJECTIVE truth of real genius

As Meg agreed as we yesteraft stood at them minezz....

" They tell you the truth they ....want you to hear..."

Cos there is only one truth and its the line... THE line...

That often earworms around...Just for fun...

.....  " Meg,... [born actually on the cliff edge  thirty seven years ago..]...   you wanna Be a REAL writer....well sue your MA course if they didnt even teach you Ragged.... There is LUV, only Montaigne...  'How To ...Live'... thats all your doin' with your book o' lifeboats and pretending to care as they go out for the glory of people pleasing rescue..
" at least you admit to people pleasing....  thats a start...
"Meg luv.... we got through .... someone told me a month ago saddest thing ever.... apparently there is a virus meming around on twattter...a woman is walking a remote path in the hills....would she rather see a lone man on the path approaching or a big brown bear,.... who hasnt eaten a decade...and likes bbqd decades like some peoples bbq babies... ?
" so now we are lingering on this remote cliff where Nazi collaborators were sent to be slaves in the mines...and you dont display that bimbo meme... you i know are at only peace....
" luv....  you listen.... 'Bitter violet night...the stars wear sour grins...'..." and every dull dawn i muse upon 'chaos and turmoil prevail..'...
" those are the lines Montaigne would smile at with a real grin.... no dont argue books with the sea innit are crap Turner did it...'Emmingway too......with thr true sublime innem..... the clue is you cannot drink it... and the million crap paintings ive seen festooning the litterated South thought of the environmental waste of their waste of space artless pastiche painted on overpriced pasties.... THE kraut a week ago agreed 'Kitsch'...

"luv... this place of your birth.... is mereley theme park....listen to Front Row January lasteryear a thirty year old "bird" who rit a novel wasa allowed to sayso.... sotrue... " Foulmouth a theme park" her exact words, allowed due her 'vulnerability' and dreadful Kate Tempestuous tripe...
" But tomorrow... be afraid...  be very afearful
" Don died a few weeks ago ....and his simply superb Land of The Blind...
" Everyone should watch after Animal Farm... 
"Bzack 2back.... blubber to blubber blubbin at....nuthin... except the good pig when s/he gets power...  especially when she gave a speech tomorowmorn so ...
"so.... i will never hear such a bad speech.... 
" pale dawns a shimmerin, but they will take their time to sharpen up ... or some nonsense...
"there will never be a more chief pig  herald ....of the end
"and one day i shall begin....
"in fact ear tiz....
"There's even Esme in there...

"But 2010....  I havent met anyone as brutal dangerous and inhuman as  Little M(no gendah axcept agenda...of fake spirituality) 2010... for 

"But i won.... that winter i turned ...or rather found some first ever creative image.... by merely figuratively sticking everything into one image

"That one too had the mantra of 'sim0plify'.....

" ...or rather I even if i believe no word...ever uttered by anyone of or hermituding on this sceptic aisle... i had no idea just how materialistic....  til i came here...
" forget all the fancy words like kairos, sublime, even 'bodily' and especially shamanic ' ceremonial' drug munching.... i discovered a word five years ago out of the mouth of the worst man i had ever met...a figurative Gwerk escapee.....mad as a self actualising messiah who no longer understood 'common good'..... but honour him for his splendid word... he g
had found in the squares of Greece during their uprisings of the earlyish 2010s... all you ever need to know is one small phrase....therein is all of reality... 

interuptus, back a lot first...

into many quiet scenes



Having become Ralph; and, indeed i have one up, or indeed  below, El Sid.....

And quiet....

Et avec des oiseaux.... nous sommes Rachel K

To now continue.

La Principe Kushner

Et aussi, mon oiseau.......


( at last i heard someone use ' terrible' as she did... the perfect nuance)

The Quietitude, of simplifying out of even her hermitude


Thursday 20 June 2024

Simplest, quietitude


....and for the   bongo bongo fan " i did the Ayahoooescah cerremonially don't you know..." bless err she meant it

It started with a ' ceremony' to 'welcome to the world' the 500 quid bell tent....before  they became trendy ...

Twenty years on, to the hour, i get to burn one, as my ' ceremony'...

Symbolising, rather a lot, of nothing

errata, nearer 100....


and she, our Queen....

of the civilised people, whom actually Man and Woman 

And can put it into real perfecr art

 got to 92....

50km a week

 ...just walking

And the quiet...i found the only quiet corner of the noisy needy land

The conclusion:

20 years of mumbo jumbo.
odyssey moomoo

'"shaman"; guru.

But the more, most...insidious: 

( as we hear,  even  Australian 'gen z' sucked in...)

Everyone always knew the ' second eye' was a con. Even the oridinary run of the mill Roma - slightly ostracise their  fortune tellers..... as just on the con, but you gotta do something tonpay the rent.

All just a dull con...

Serb psychic tips England to thump Serbia as Kane to go on Euro 2024 'goalfest' Serbia are set to get thumped by England tomorrow (June 16) - according to the country’s top psychic who claims to be a relative of Nostradamus.

But what really matters, meknows, is several decades of  compulsory, but false ' spirituality'.

Gimme old fashioned madness,  that claims little, any day... over any one claiming ' spirituality'. As i know they will be the very last peeps to know what it is...for....

To fiinsh
one day


Wednesday 19 June 2024

simplify, for surest


And quietest...

Real ...quiet

If you have beaten Siddhartha in the humility steaks....

I knew what the best birthday present would be, fully resimplify and nearly there.

Thursday 6 June 2024


 just be on the beach

And even more important, no driving, paradise is bodily not being in a dam vehicle for a month or more

and forget beetoo ..

The bees never had a chance...

Nor did Reggie

Robin day, before Beetime

 Vegetarian day, really..

Meaning to sit and watch such complex behaviour even from the little" bird" really makes one tjink,or remember

( even if beetoo  time ... i dont get it )

Bee day...or ea


6 June.

B for my body.

Which isn't bobbydiscolated.

Be ...cause.

One thing i don't know about cousin cultures, over the channel, is if they are quite so anniversary obsessed as Britain.

All my years of  tending towards European friends and loves, i never enquired of that ' difference' perhaps because it doesn't come up - anniversaryism... 

Probably it is  less a ' thing'.

In fact Poland   ( and other former soviet places?) has a totally different birthday tradition of everyone in the whole country reporting their age as the age they will reach in the year ahead, all resetting on first January.

If in Poland

29 dec 2023, " how old are you E? [ birthday 28 dec] " 

"i  am 25"

1 jan 2024

" how old are you E?"

" " I am 26"

 even though  the 26th birthday is still nearly 12 months away.

6 june... was my father's birth and death day.. 

But became a better anniversary day. No matter what any other " human" thinks.

Funny thing is pondering on a long walk

Apart from all that matters is 40 km a week..

ALL... literally all...

In fact yesteraft once again, heading out, " ugghhh... i am slowing down,  twinging a bit...... "

It is only at km 5 you realise, " nope back to full fine bodily flow... tip top strength.. finest flow" 

I figured what it is really about, it.... 

This human condition. All quite simple. 

Apart from 'class' - the endless status battle, it really is very simple, seeing as i saw old man Ralph, the ultimate toughest ruggedest  outdoors man,  my only real father person, for 7 years, tjose formative years age 11 to 18,  who i hadn't seen 15+ years,  his knees gone .. crippled, unable to get out much, still he had a real incredible   brightness to his eyes - an incredible vitality, life force...

And despite, because...  of being pure ' working class' ... but of an age when knowledge was a passion and non class issue...

He just lived to learn....  and then mentor.. . and never stop his delight in learning.

His eyes ALWAYS bright.

Despite his cloth cap.

Sunday 2 June 2024


 None of my biz.

I did my bit, for years... past region.

Friday 31 May 2024

 add in

in last

(audio  part 1 1/2 . " individualism takes from individuality... " wow thats wise! ...... meaning if you want to be ' individual' earn it by not  only ever bleeting  sheeplanguage...

clarification:   a recent " mong" ...  the knocked up mong, one of the very few  bimbos who ever occasionally communicate properly 

Her half Pak, half Kraut when i advised her 8th Oct " the only answer is mongrelising... so get dogging" 

She replied she agreed..

Mong ( rels).. is ...the pinacle of humanity...

She The Mong, really wonderfully humbly 'no statements' clad

Anyway what is this bullshit?

Your ' currency' is your crap new words ... not mine, i saw through that tyranny a decade ago.

And thus I am the loser. As your newword inhumanity, and  poncocracy won...

I am not stupid.

And i am an anachronism, meaning my paradigm remained old paradigm when a load of arroganti created ypur new self harming paradigm, like sheep to her BBQ.. you followed. Your world

And quite rightly as old paradigm i was used to earlier fairly high readership ( not bots) ... building to a cresxhendo of even 300 reads a day had fizzled out as i deserve to 50 or 100 a day....

Now we have 700 or 800 cheapskates 

But i have no audience, as atomisation means no pne has any balls to DO anything, or ever mean what they say..

Thats what my week was, reminding myself, no point ... no one simplifies anything, but i remembered...principles. Really hard to make them real out of words and ideas..

Principles. Grown ups can do "soft landings" not in this loonyland...

Maybe i grew up when 2009 one day utterly down to fumes in my vehicle, as i had been yet again for weeks... driving lass to school, stop off and buy 5 lit of diesel with last tenner,  knowing no more  even fivers for a week, but having figured every last penny for the week to come..

And looking at my change, there was £15... 

" well i never...something 'came up', paradise!"

But driving past the station later on the way back home, i had already half a dozen times  imagined the conversation the young woman may have with her boss, had... dont be a twat, when... the till, been  reconciled

" hello i drove off earlier realising you had given me too much change"

principles means always


( includes real ' journalism' so irrelvent i forget the name of the 'source', anyway she is a fake vanwoman)

# Rewriting history  is naughty

# but all stupid new words, from the 3 'a's to even using ' shopping' instead of 'groceries'  but i knew a decade ago ( the fraud of 'technology' example) ... a silly word and if we had stuck with ' machinery' for this machine,  of curcuits and motors, no one ever uses to carry on any ' friendship' so in fact its a  fraud... yes where was i ? ten years ago i reworded all ' technology'   in my life to " gizmo" shortened to " giz" 

giz has quite correct silly undertones to the sillimess it all be came

substack audio

Words. ( rewriting history). pt 1 of 1 1/2.

Words part 1 1/2, individualism, consumerism. ( there will never be a Monbiotism)


So, sleep...

 The sleep of the 'innocent'.

Even that is a twistable concept.

By the...  ' * ' 

I have no idea any more who the ' * ' are.

An " ally"  who at least spoke the truth "We watched yooze on Serbic telly and knew you gone nuts  and then i saw yoooze kids   and  knew they had inherited it..."

All kids are born innocent, and  healthy ish ... 

But sat last summer by the Gwerkian park listening...  i listen, and miss little

My last effort was near a year ago,  at Shitbucketcreek...

Then,  i wouldn't say so, but it is all one should say,  about a dull life. What do the children believe? Or have in their imaginations, humanity being far far more about ehat gets shoved into imagination by  whoever is around...

we are of the meme! And more... ( social mores, i dont even hear suposed grown ups using that simple term ... all the other newterms and three 'a's....  ... )

To hear a group of younguns, maybe 5-10,   year olds  gambolling around, ... she,  the  whicker basket... case, in her Mermware... Him, he always looks the same:  some ideal private schoolboy, with Brideshead calves, tailored shorts down to the knee,  and curls, doing ' dad' so as to streamline his tax affairs,  and of course all kids are just innocent sponges, but to listen to their joyous childplay and

 energised .. roleplay...

Our cowboys and Indians ... had become

" got you.... i got him, he was the drug dealer!"   ... " watch out the security guard is over there.. lets get him" 

 But, the ' yob' .. Effete and aside, thirty years ago,  pondering a future as part Henry Thoreau... 

A far too effete man of letters, trying so hard to come up with something revolutionary, 

but it fell  a bit flat on me.

As, it always seems to be the lowest common denominator which is the sticky swamp any utilitarian, universalist ...  should not ignore. As you get stuck in them.

If many children are so subject to roleplay  - the Gwerklets, shit tv? or i suspect computer game frenzy, from the age of shit tv, it all starting with Eastenders and the like, that is who they are in part.

I know I am a bit Swallows and Amazons ( minus any boat, ever, sadly, or maybe sanely so), and  a bit of Ring of Bright Water, with a post puberty  update into Lorna Doone...

The culture that seeps in in our childhood, does stay within.

( and no one cared that Gavin Maxwell was maybe a bit gay..... we cared for him, and his loss and hurt, felt his pain,  and  lived aside him, experiencing  eventual resilience  through grief, after  the loss of his beloved  Mijbil he had brought to real life for us, so beautifully.... ) 

But one thing i know,  is that  the  'higher',  grown up, ' culture'  encountered  in the 80s into 90s ...worked.

Killing Fields was not about  fields of skeletons, and genocide, it was about how a man

i still remember his name

Dith Pran

set an example to all people.

Stand up and be the little brown man, change

Despite it being likely, suicide

 The ' moral authority' in that superb  best of culture, rather than effete wanker Withnail

Made me then feel a spastic, 


effete wanker.

Caused ' depression'

Hurt... left me eviscerated, hollow, almost nihilistic.

There is no way i could be brave and lie it all on the line

Like the little Pran man

But all i know is a few decades on, i kindof knew from inside, what the Pran man must have felt.

But i persisted, because i had inside,  alcie Bruce's little Prsn man...

A real ' story',  no nonsense Mermyth-  real life, a really best of " human" had persisted.

But that is extreme 

even if i reckon it will, must become rather more extreme, all that Eadtender angst in a whole generation....

But guess what.

Whist slightly confused  former Soviets drift Londonistan way...

Into the void of Rupert and Camilla's  

so bright 

and sybarite and lost land 

( never mine,

 London i saw through,

 on about year two)

Those ' moral' tales,

Even in Flashdance and Dirty Dancin'


To Kill a Mocking Bird... ( as i am pacifist  and in fact giveup-on-lost-loonist, i  wouldnt even  reclaim a symbolic Miss Placed chair... "nowt as queer as folk" a kindof good yokel culture,  i had wedged into me as oldman Ralph  day after day 'wedged' the toughest to split knotty wood  and we muttered in the mizzle, about the folk around, not being like us, or having our always good cheer... )

Perhaps the 'culture' of  those decades was best there has ever been,  

perhaps it was  almost always find some principle worth taking a stand around, and if you can take that risk...


Me i am simple, one or two principles really are just simply good and worth having tried to ..?? 

Q marks as the ferkin message has got so complex, so many babel messages

( so many ... ' look at me', mycauses)

And nobody reads or replies to  those which one has pondered years... 

I have looked, and have no idea if there are more modern useful stories in the culture, as to moral compass,  and authority... without opressing newness and modern.

Surely if there is one ( yes) 'moral authority' ,  so so many times the last 7 or 8 years encountered... 

Almost all middle aged peeps i meet speak of not good sleep...

if i - deserted in themepark  Pornland .... no one ever even lifted a finger to ' village raise child' mine... even the lost bimbo who said she would ( 2022)..  can 

Shitcreek far more shittier a fundamentalist  Merm  infested hell hole than i had even imagined..  

( she had no hope escaping)

can sleep a soundest sleep... 

well.... i know who has a good life, somehow.. .

Thursday 30 May 2024

dont' taboo me, cos it was metoo

 24th May, in the morning....


The ' spectrum'. The most waste of time waffle ever as i have known for years no one wants to even attempt real talk

in audiofile downloadable too...

even if no idea why i waste a second in this utterly wonky society


( not a spaz, 

though once woz)

And as maybe 50% of the significant females  in my life the last 15 years do draw the line at any 'debate' as to spectrumism.... and i know a child ... once.

she was brainwashed for sure into thinking she was on their ' spectrum' to suit others...

Definately a new tyranny-lite; and funny thing is eventually they are all  rethought these fundamentalisms....

By which time i will have died of boredom, no grown up chat about this or anything


Wednesday 29 May 2024

All they Be came.. just a ' service econnomy'

That is one notch down from a theme park.

Neither good for the human....methinks.

In fact i had not simplified it into what is in front of my eyes many a day:

On the path...

Their S W Coastal path, not mine...i don't go on bucket list  or  fixed route and mileage  missions ...i just meander.

I am " impressed" .. there is that trap created by the metrosex casteratti!

There is no reason whatoever to have ANY opinion, precisely.

There is no ' feminine' nor manly...

75% of walkers - proper missionary marchers,  are in fact  female.

And if we take out the performative - i just think of as conurbative-neurotic - cannot be seen marching a days march without all the kit from the latest expensive kit, catalogue

It is in fact the women who are the jolly good oldschool, weather immune,practical rainwear, real walkers...

I see them. Not showing off. Just getting on with it km after km... perhaps 30 a day.. ... not moaning about the weather...  rugged, good stamina...pacing themselves well...  knowing that blisters are part of life and not any kind of performance needed thank you...

Many are in fact 30ish...

Stoical .. good  stamina... no drama

A fine version of modern real woman

No differences woman and man at all...  except the sign on the shower door. ( in and of itself decidedly British a neurosis) 

But what does one think of or term this?

One couldnt get an equal human  of the other sex, to do equal work restoring old rotting wood in the environment or just rescuind reusable wood,in the environment...

but they are quite equal -in faxt i would say better versions,  of quiet stoical trudging along any weather toughies....

Is it that ' sport' .. as they may consider walking, i never have... is exempt from ...mind games, or footstamping or wrongheaded post victorian ideas of all is  oppression or whatever excuse for coquettishness ..

I like comimg accross women walkers.We have ( many) good easy chats.They are rrlaxed and ruddy cheeked. at ease in their skin or damp kagoule or sweaty pants.. ( though always on a schedule to be there, the chats arent long enough).

Male walkers all far far too uptight and rocket fuelled ( spurt and die), and the kit is even more important to them.... i avoid....

Does everything now have to be ' i am equal to you long as it is to an approved men you....or to MY interpretation of a peasantnt dance ."...  dog owners-  real country  ones,know you must let a dog BE a dog.... and not always on the lead .. .) 

But at least i know i was not wrong, 15 or more years ago ( except for one) .. "bleedin ell... not one has ever rolled up her sleeves and done a bit if the hard sweaty work  you need to dotoo if living very very rural fringe... this is no life, for woman or man.... ohh errata there aint any wimmin left theyve all moved  away to be nearer Harvey Nicks... sportwear dept..." 

i gave up....  but at least i know i will die happy. Dying of false representation is not only against Sale of Goods act.. ( does it apply to ' services' too? i guess not or the womens prisons would be as over populated as male...) but causes you to die with deeper lines on your face and forrid...  

even the ancients had figured that one out before their trendy word ' shaman' was a blink of her bling fillled eye