Sunday 23 October 2022



To some the word schism may be pointedly dangerous- the sensitive and snowyflakes, and worse, the sad little angry assumers,  who live behind a façade of righteous wholesomeness, but only a millimetre below their patina of bohemian charity shop, they are as sour and proto fascist of any past coward in history.

Only yesterday afternoon during a meeting with a new woman and subsequent walk up into the hills with her was i reminded in such crystal clarity what schism i am interested in. And have lived for best part of twenty years. 

And in time i shall create around that speciality of mine. But other speciality i seek worthy companeras. And will once a month invite one or other. Only one, or other. 

And, it so it is time to


Forget this horrid show off 'smart thinking' word 'podcast' which as a  word will last as long as the 'smart thinkers' do - not very...

So, only a few days ago, i knew how to frame it.

And i am expert at not letting google tell people how to navigate me.

Me - this brand name, is me,  and is whereas a 'place' that others i hope will join me is

and never the twain shall meet in google.

So, the project is sort of summed up here.

As is - without even using the word, the best ever kairos. Because i needed to spend an afternoon with that woman yesterday to be reminded exactly what is the 'project' so long, in part, i have been living within. And having been reminded how utterly useless 'she'  - as archetype, is, now i have the perfect lifeforce of kairos - i will never ever find a companera here. Ever. She should be but cannot be. And she so personified WHY not...


The Battle of The Brows

Something Understood 23 Oct 2022