Saturday 4 March 2023

 would be great soon to find a companera wishing to put some video together about the fun aspects of super simple living. 

Not the over earnest version, or druggy - I am creative, nope they don't enhance creative thought, liminal thought, genuine 'truth to power' thought, indeed any genuinely new thought. I did my own real experiments.

The real version of cutting back, simplifying, making do, and how it GENUINELY enhances state of mind or lifeforce/spirit- no not 'for' the camera, in real life...

I have ben looking for someone for years who gets all that, to make good material to share ... but then i hardly ever use the anti'social' media because one has to have real trust, face to face, to let go into even making good film on such things... so I don't encounter potential allies in this.

THIS SITE WILL BE BUILT PROPERLY SOON - but please note deliberate simplest design. 

It is about a simple subject, even if the psychology behind it I have log known is so absurdly complex. Especially as every 'blogger' or youtuber i ever came across from 5 or so years ago seems addicted to performing.... 

Simplifying, helps real people do more real things in the future.  And the way your prices are going to remain squeezed for many years now - food, energy and interest rates, you (not me -  i gave up ALL causes..) are going to need a new generation of actual REAL 'activists' (rather hat the armchair Facebook fakeratti)  and  they will have to be a bit better at it than the last generation...

I was one of the most famous activists (real version = paid in pain) of the 2000s and i only managed the 5 years headfuck hard work it took because before anything else i had ultra simplified my life - reduced outgoings to absolute barest necessities...  etc... such that i could dedicate ALL my energy to a cause...and also enjoying it as i did.

It is keeping it simple, that is always the key. Less, is so so so much more.... and i still have some photos somewhere of me once a regular (due a weirdly exotic job) at even the Carlton Hotel, Cannes..... You could not force me there these days for even a night. My bath in my nearby river even midwinter, is so much more being alive.  And come the spring i shall be the happiest bunny of them all.