Saturday 11 March 2023

All that matters - the end....the schism: not possible to find ever  any 'allies'  - this among many other reasons is why YOU...your society, needed them to "watch each others back" :-)

in audio roughed up today - ALL is just first draft.
And will mainly be just stories.
Polemics, or "do what i so sweetly share on facebook" don't work...i know that...  and it is so sad hen even the great minds forget this. ONLY stories get to mind AND body...simultaneously.

On allies
audio 11 Mar

 Of course feelings - real ones, 'work' too.


From a few nights ago - this will have to do for now
Audio of rain on tin roof

And all the gurus on the 'self' never speak of the simpler things - if one must live atomised, alone.... then (official ONS data a few weeks ago) all that solo living, there is a massive single person 'premium' - the costs of only one per woodburner and pot of stew so so much higher. But then the effete of the media and administration won't also know - the bottom third need to get to the supermarket for the 4pm mark downs - yellow or red label - at least half off....

And that is also living in the 'moment' - only one per larder, everyfew days I have to be there at that 4pm moment too - funny ting isit is REAL socialising with the REALpeople....
gotta run...