Monday 6 March 2023

Real psychology of simple existence


Much recorded and riffed upon in audios from 22 Feb - 3 March, yet to sort out and  put up. 

I shall stick in here soon - winter returns today !! Disabled a few days.

In case it gets me, early morning riff upon:

Actual psychology, 'mental health' (hard topic will return to a lot - mine perfect for may years thank you), 'podcasting' in fact the point being ANYone with deep useful things to share with humanity, the podcast model is warped. As is the social media model, in respect of especially a key thing: we need people with GREAT insights - deep understandings of existence. We read or listen to THEM.  The notion that a writer or communicator must engage with their audience via SM etc., is deeply flawed. 

I shall come back to these topics. For new scrappy first version. But stories will be written up soon. They are my joy. And unlike the 'preaching' model online, i do know

audio 6 March