Saturday 4 March 2023



That is not a normal 'smiley'  - it is, as with everything I ever write, laden with a tad of irony, though gently sardonic subversion is a better way of putting it, mixed up with a load of alchemical stories...of a decade

But one thing for sure - as ALL is 'universal'  - meaning the fruits of a decade or more pondering extremely simple but not so oft spoken of, real issues...  it is not 'narcissistic' to start to roll out the odd little talk...never preaching.

In fact as stated, NOT telling the reader/listener/ viewer what to think, is such an important skill that soon I shall return to. Simply by telling simple stories. Of facts. And as for a decade they are well chronicled, they are.

And all chronicles ended, with a range of eras ending, too, at the beginning of this winter. It will only be a pleasure to muse upon what one found... that decade.