Tuesday 25 April 2023

And then we have disingenuity part 1 of many

 from a  year ago - even if the key to life is it feels like five 

For such a truly humble non-life, hidden away in the hills, in fact far far far too much happens...and it eeps happening!

When i knew nine months ago it could never again - that everything was forever ground to a dull halt for me...

Which is of course perfect Black swannery


Anyway, July 2022.  (still done in by a random chesty issue that spring...)

Now... the real schism 

When a landowner woman

Inherited money.

Though they all pretend they 'earned' it...

Pisses off every East European (pet) worker she has ever lured up into the hills miles from anywhere, doubtless not paying their wages either....

And likely pisses them off in other ways, too...

Pretends to be some new age superwoman of course, but doesnt even pretend not to be a lush - all those crates of empty bottles...of gin

Pretends to be 'environmental', but seems to revel in burning the household rubbish

Of course no ne sees up in them hills..

All of which one has seen before.

But there is one millennia long lore...rule... 

of bodily justice.

When you have £750 grand 

of land

No mortgage

And hire in a day labourer

Who would not have his day any other way

but we dont tell her that...

At minimum wage.

(would have done the JOB at half that, such a paradise sublime setting, and job... even if no sane company for miles, as usual, the bane of my life for years)

but we dont tell her that


to not pay the last two weeks work done, of about ten weeks

And filmed

(for the next generation - the bodily flow of that work)

really really is against every fundamental rule of life ever.

But of course being a 'woman' she thinks somehow she is right

To have broken the most fundamental rule, lore, or all

When you are down to the last worker (for many a mile) who will just about tolerate your lies and nonsense, and there he is slaving away quite happily, you pay his day NO MATTER what..

Even the mad alcoholic lonely farmers and their  dinosaur racist views,  knew that rule must never ever be broken....

Nope... not any more..

Can one ever ever trust anyone, not even in the hills...where old rules did apply...