Tuesday 18 April 2023


 From yesterday.

Prior to the final schism day. Today this morning.

Now.... hmmmm...  (it is necessary to put such words in as punctuation, otherwise one will be thought just like all the rest: taking onesself so damn seriously. Which is a bitter pill to throw up, because if one is objective, a seer, a landloper, a writerly mind, years and years ago even i could work out  "     especially the last thirty years, UK lead the way in becoming an 'economy' based on people making money off other people. ... making money, making a living, surviving.... which doesn't mean we do any objective 'good'.. the problem seems to have become that people necessarily engaged in these activities actually believe they are doing real 'good'...this is a dangerous form of mad near narcissism...certainly is rather ignorant and foolish ... hmm what to do? " ) 

Anyway what i know is into middle age  only actual truth makes one feel quite good most of the time. 

And twenty years ago i knew that one of thsese places where  these dull (mere)workers who live off others by spinning some rather false version of themselves and society was, along with Glastonbury, Totness,  and Hebdon Bridge, the dull little town of Hay-on-Wye..(by 15 years ago, town of FAR more expensive womens' clothes shops than bookshops) . which then spawned a few cheap imitators in the region  - the surrounding small towns so so so desperate to attract the 400,000 visitors a year to that 'theme park'. 

There was a time - maybe 40 years ago, even 50, when great cinema - thoughtful, deep stuff,  explained  how theme parks are dangerous. In fact just as genocidal in real net effect, than the rampaging baddies of the Balkans.

Now all i know is that i mean what i say, having tried to say what i mean.

I knew one thing, which is the only person worth 'assisting' has a sceptical mind. Which simply means constructively critical. 

Anyone who says to me that the Uk or any supposed advanced civilisation, is just as guilty ort war crimes as the baddy Balkanish, I shall always value no matter what.

But that is just words (here, now). Actions are doing something. And as i jot here, i record a useful episode of the news. From the 20th March 2023.

Which had, on the 20th anniversary of the beginning of GW2 several national treasures - in other words almost unimpeachable sources, Monbiot one of them, Simpson the other if i recall,  stating that GW2 is the worst crime against humanity of this century - leading to many others too. 

  The recording will live here a bit later.

But.... if one actually did value someone, one would simply just wish to assist. 

And years - decades, of educating myself on reality, at last in a little town in Cornwall, comes true!  When a woman writer, herself, from the place  - born and bred spits out that very phrase, about Falmouth. "big houses bully us, and then there are towns that are just theme parks"



What the average thinker these days however cannot appreciate is that theme parkism, and gentrification ARE our culture. yes they destroy the mind as a virus from inside the mind, because true thought is the absolute anathema of theme parkism and gentrification - i.e. the main UK economy  

BU i can assist - no one must not say "help", because as part of the new (not very, charlatans were invented thousands of years ago) economy false helping is a massive part of the trading system. Nope. assist...

Very very few escape from the theme park. Themeparkisits is as successful a virus as  any REAl virulent one such as Ebola,  because it entirely  rots away the immune systems  - in this instance making people believe in their own nonsense... when nothing ever really can be believed in, except that there is 'something' and that lots of walking once one reaches 50 is essential for good health...no mater what.

My own recent 'best day' was in fact Sunday. My my a clever little fuck-you-up bug had me projectile vomiting last week (i rarely get ill - i thus admire the bugs that get through ones natural systematic defences).  And really really crawling around half dead several days. But guess what Sunday morn i said to self " nope...dangerous.... you are in a bad way man... to head to the hills and struggle up them  is mad...."

And half an hour into said mad struggle...guess what

One should only rarely believe ones own nonsense bullshit. Good thig i didn't.