Saturday 22 April 2023

"full circle"

 .... well, no, not really.

In fact far more important, as i wrote: the musician's tale; is a splendid parable, or little wisdom piece. 

It is what i know as the only way to truly evolve. If the way we developed, categorically KNOW for certain, is the way we should be - we have within us the rules, and even attempt to spread far and wide our 'practice', our techniques, our learning, the key to life is simply doing something other. Just like that. I have done so. And it hurts at first, but then the black swan  of it all comes along and simply reminds us that yes we like remaining alive, we made a choice, or  were forced into some 'choice' we knew was absolutely the wrong one, until we get used to the new 'emotion' of the new paradigm, we simply have no idea if that emotion will in time be the one that does us good.

But you cannot make any money out of 'workshopping' that.

And i should imagine even Einstein and his those-times apt words are too hard for the pandemic of snowflakism, and one may be cancelled for using the m word, but he was certainly right with is definition of 'madness' to keep being the same person and expect a different outcome... 

Though of course who we really are deep deep down, made in out teenage years, never really leaves us. And i like only one. Not made in Britain.  Any sane person knew decades ago Britain is far far far too weirdly complex and semi masochist self destructive a society for any real happiness ever to last. Or even understand the word 'values'.

Soon...  time to go.

Especially as i know


The conversation yesterday with the woman who really should be


Who in my new podcast proves that there is simply no hope ever of any coherent communication with anyone.


It was nevertheless rather beautiful

And is all there is - transcendent, metaphysical, even 'shamanic'

All these words so silly ad show off, for quite simply 

the ineffable (don't think ME 'misogynist' as all women in UK demand we are - that word was 'given' to me by a truly awful liar mad fantasist in 2020, truly wasting y precious time - ultra narcissist within my text box and inbox... but i GENEROUSLY accepted and honour her use of that fine word - as if all 'connection' is just some rather dull odyssey i am getting very bored of being in a decade, or even Odysseus got to do something jolly healthy with his hands a the end of his 20 years holidays, making his wifey a new bed...)

Anyway back to the point:

" of course sometimes  it will happen,  her thesis subject... maybe there are other occasions too, there will always be some telepathic connection ..."

I cannot argue.

I cannot know one way or another.

Are some things meant to be?

One cannot know.

All i do know from a good few decades of pondering and musing most intelligently

Is that there is 'more'... than what we sense with our  limited range of  human sensory systems...

And that lovely word or words, 'The sublime',  - the hocus pocus for money brigade left alone as they find reading a bit too difficult, and it is far more than grand paints of 'nature' giving us something ineffable, nope it is a lovely grown up word for 'magic'  - grown up magic, we must not even seek patterns in, just accept is there and can be some divine trickery, but there is 'something'...


which reminds us, don't fear the end of this physical  wo/manifestation, however....

every single 'coincidence' or 'synchronicity' or even my word, tells me we should try to do REAL 'work' - genuinely communitarian work, even if just writing well - i mean WELL!  alive, warts and all, ALL shame thrown out into the public square... 

Here in this time we have here, now...    

which also makes me about the only non 'depressive' i ever meet...

SO be it.

Guess what 

i reckon it is because i get up with the light, no matter, what...