Friday 28 April 2023

Montaigne, and How to live

 And wellness

Not very wellness

The actual 'environment'

Returning back to my fringe lands..up in the hills, hidden in a wood (unusually, i always try for open great vistas), after three days cruising the towns  - only for mechanical reasons.

I have only one sorrow, which is that near six months ago, I already knew how to live, now - meaning how to live, be a little useful (to society), and make a most modest little stipend in so doing.

PURPOSE. Only part-time purpose keeps you alive, lovING..and not joining in with the turbocapitaist, affluenza-sick 'beast' ..and i shared an audio with someone. On what i know is the one great purpose.

And i have lived a range of them.

purpose: good material - as in Montaigne the first blogger in truth, that tells it like it is. How to every day get up with a  real smile despite the beast...

And most of it is just about organising ones life such that there is lots of time, to...MOVE...

daily...or minimum three times a week...a good few hours slogging up a hill  (being in NATURAL UV is very much part of it too, science says... and no 'stressing' stupid gym style music..or yoga-tunes  crap (cos i know the yoga teachers - they are truly lethal... three faced...avaricious mad people, sadly..they are in theory my 'people'... nope... frauds one and all...i spent a few months las fall working with one...for free...on the terrible mess that was harming her lovely boy....nope, no hope...and she is their 'Queen'...wellness, yogi, midfulness...utter disaster of a liar and cheat... )

Anyway yes to let go

stop regarding onesself

And fit in lots of good immune-system boosting fairly hard walks...

A companera in that writing and video operation all i i know it would be good ("EARNEST DOES NOT WORK!!!" - at last peopleare getting that..i knew 20 years ago)

laughter, truly good jokes, especially the kind where one shows how the last laugh is at MY expense, on me...

etc... including the worst tragedy in history i have in my life, thirteen years ago, but only laugh at.... nowadays;


Thing is i do have a truly historical fabulous seven year chronicle.

I seek only the quiet places landloping, keeping my arse in great nick for my age...

('bushmen' [Kalahari etc] AND bushwomen, who often  go on 10 mile walks for dinner, do not get arthritis, fat, get cancer much, or die young..)

Anyway happiness, is also when one lets go and lets 'back' in occasional heroes.  The good people.

One hates to discriminate but just now and again in my 7 year George Borrow landloping and chronicling - only 1/3 of the time, meaning plenty of 'normalish' hermitude (i do love her -that was her word!!  - sothis is painful, too), too, i sometimes meet and engage with remarkably open truthful and trustworthy people....

the rule is it is ALWAYS where one least expects them.

And this week has been gold I am no doom merchant. I dont charge, anyway, so...

you will get it ALL - every moment...soon, for free