Monday 24 April 2023


 intermittent fault - do more on it

oh yes.....a year ago, as good as..... now, those 'lies' - it is a hard one that, but when the ultra 'mother hen' of the region - her "communities" her "healing" and therapy and the whole damn wellness industry, AND hiding behind children...

 is for a year such a mad liar....(and she so pushes herself anywhere she can, to be that 'public figure'). well.... it is almost as if her multi sin sins - especially three times she says she is paying my expenses, incurred in voluntarily helping her out of an abyss....

well it is certainly that they put all other mini little not-quite-meaning-what-one-says sins, into perspective... really i could not have made her up. And to think i had been telling people for ears "i sort of know her... i did chose her years ago as the one to assist fixing my daughter's musical issues after the school had certainly 'caused' said a lovely old man, world music expert!)

do a lot on her gorgeous word picture of a stupid woman who doesn't even know what parable means or may be for... and would never guess that no not even in the slightest way identifying her, at all, ever, despite the many she REAL 'justice'... t means she didn't waste my time pondering what to do about her, because i know the definition of the word 'sociopath' and that it cannot be changed.... and she is simply one of millions in this leave her be... and pray that somehow her youngest, such a lovey lad.... under my wing a bit, can some how or other get the fuck away from her wing - a cloak of utter death

Because she spins herself as exactly the opposite of what her obvious lack of any friends, means she was. And confusion really does kill kids