Friday 28 April 2023

soon, soon, soooooonnnn....

 The real most germane schism is in fact ... well I cannot read minds, and only occasionally see someone i may spend an hour or more speaking with, actually get his (only hims seem to do this) notepad out, and write a note about some recomendation, or the like....or a todo list item such as " i said i would look into that legal aspect of our river least TRY to recall it next time we meet upon the street, rather than walk on by..." 

Nope....  but a harder item is, yes, the scatterbrainism? or what is a nice non-offensive word? ehhhh.... 'tangentitis'? nope not quite, they do that during the chats... as a self reverential neurotic response.... even when speaking with me, long known as a careful thinker on matters such as the real causes of regional failures of community to do squat to protect our rivers, and someone who really really has done the 'work' to connect the right people as allies, or even helpmeets....

In one ear out the otheritis ...maybe .... or just failing to even recall what one that is.... i always do, and often make a note, and if i pass over by mistake, duff info, i will do all i can to reengage and correct it....even years later.

Or more simply, always remembering, following through/up a topic dscussed... and if for some reason it is a "not today thanks, not for me...." ort even "i have mused properly upon said topic/action...and decided [politely 'great idea but'] not for me at the moment.."

And perhaps a week is the requisite time one should ponder. And of course one should never push anyone in these days of everyone " ohhh i am so busy i dont have time to think" ...even here.... so any email or text  - yes at least a week to reply sahould be quite accepted.

Not me, i think carefully; a lot (especially whist perambulating) , ponder, the item floated/ discussed... favour offered...or other offers....  and if i ever change mymind i will state so clearly.

Seems few others remember what their mind was, yesterday. Which makes me the defective, of course.

So my reader will have to be nice to me and accept my defects - i am sure some have some new official  vulnerability points term for it these days. 

If i state something, about writing or Montaigning, not only do i retain it in my head, no need for todo lists, but i consider it above all a duty to follow through and keep to my saying it...

Which i will.

Seems we may have a new little issue. Having declared just war on my mobile phone company, quite necessarily, and even PAYING their fraudulent bill to get reconnected.... "sort it out will owe me credit of £30 ish next monthly contract bill"

I wonder if they have 'geared' me down... unlimited data means that. There are no terms and conditions

('mobile hotspot feathering' one of the very few tech developments that i have to say does work 99% of the time - very good, and a freedom)

But one should not believe in coincidences unless one believes in the great coincidence - that i 'met' her.... just when i needed...

And she changed my life - into the last bit of life i did in fact wish, but didnt have the backbone to let go, and go ALL the way....

I do now.

But when all my upload spots (ok 4g signal) seem to be taking a LOT longer than they were in the past..... i smell a rat


I never give up though. I will get there...

#especially when the last 6 weeks has been so fabulously gifting. One little insight after another; and many 'proving' points i long kept to myself. And then many other-people things. All in my chronicles - my daily diarised real things list has such wonderful encounters quite out of the blue on it

That need at least some kind of tribute

And i really do have a superb memory.... and know whom the 'goodies' are, too. The few real ones.