Monday 24 April 2023

the flow part 3

 coming up.....

I take my writing seriously, which means let go and must do it

(WOW i just met Mrs Pernickety - wonderful, at last.... 29 years i have had to tolerate this up-their-backsides don't frighten the horses, speech other places but we don't want anyone to tell the truth about the theme park here...and rip off bad food at London prices, except ....him, Mister P. ...i always thought it was Marchant (now there IS a story and as he sells himself in public via the BBC.... he is fair game... i had forgotten about him, he won't forget me when he hears the day....and he was my friend - definition, respectfully i sought his approval for my young politico under my wing.... it is extraordinary how a few years working at the BBC telling lies about his home patch - selling it as some pixie paradise, can make a man very very intolerant....on a street bantering with my only at that time real friends...anyway Mister P - THE only truth teller of the region.....and Mrs P his partner in crime, is utterly gorgeous....aand the only one whom given the full unexpurgated version  - especially of the aristocrat badger exterminator...with name "But what's the point Nina, he won't even say sorry to me....and he knew me...and i promised on my daughter's life, it would stay between just the two of us and my little camera...and concealed mic.....and his god he endlessly lies about being a true disciple of..... well not you are one of the badger cubs he unlawfully buried alive...blahblah....oh you recognise his aristo wife - yes often she could have been seen just in this square with her ultra Green goddess credentials on point Nina... no one would even care if he were shamed front of his Tory graph...even if they pretend Guardian only.... i leaving this country, i never meet anyone other than a pseud...especially among the 'right thinking' Guardian reading crowd..." )

do it all even if it will take much guile finding the best signal over the next day or so to get it all...up

Just first draft.

But now i met Nina it must happen...even if i never ever tell anyone about this real me 


Except one

Wonder if anyone will ever find it? 

Guess what - that is not what it is about. It is only about just saying it. 



flow part 3

by 2100ish  - takes a while...even if I am in '5g'  for the first time ever -  seems yet another spivvy lie that it is some improvement