Saturday 29 April 2023

"you can't say that"

 So, "Hannah Arendt was a racist".

I did not say that.

But when at last I heard a man speak with learning and authority, only this January - or maybe feb, on Start the Week, i said " thank the lord for a bit of learning" because it does seem she was in fact really quite unpleasant in her words towards other branches of the Jewish people. In other words an anti Semite, of sorts, maybe, one could say...

And H A is important to me. In 2015 I discovered the one i love had in fact used my suggestion about her take on things,  in her A level essay. Even if she had not told me. "What we have here is failure to communicate..."... as someone else said.

Now... the 'causists', the scientists, the "i am not woo-woo ists"   - i am riffing because it is impossible to  really close upon any 'reality'. I do not like pixie-thinking, because it is quite 'otherist' 

And the only truly nowist interesting thing about this is how the reasonably aid hip young things of London, unlike me, 'lost' their video file. Of an important talk. 

That takes habit, years of true actual living zen - i never lose a single smallest file ever.. Because i taught myself well. At least double backup, IMMIEDIATELY. Ideally treble. And never trust their 'cloud'  -as it is theirs...and sadly you cannot trust them or their market, ever

Anyway....slight cheek there, as Ian Mc... he is ok... quite good really, except as usual, he fails to propose SOLUTIONS ...not "woo-woo" ones - and though i sort of respect Freddie, it is interesting how him and his kind now get behind that term. Nope....too complex.... too 'in-joke' the word "greed" ... utter hypocrites like Monbiot (i know real life stuff about his real life second home, from people who live by it..he of course calls a 'community' that is ...he probably doesnt even allow the use of 'let' out to.. nohh... their roof, is bartered with some people in a 'community' for money that supports his Messianic work) 

However The Mc really does get a gold star for bringing to us, "as Hannah Arendt said, when there are things we cannot say, we are already living in a tyranny"

or very close to that quote...i cannot find on their useless google


My point: 'AUTHORITY' ... yes we hate that democrats / socialists...or as i prefer egalitarians... have been trained by 50+ years of shabby woo-woo  to be hurt by certain words, like the 'a' word...

But we are more than just story tellers, we quite innocently do seem to need 'leaders'  - with genuine moral authority, to help us at least communicate; lets just call them icons. Generally positive ones.

Hannah Arendt good example - most people will not argue with her saintliness. Even i did not know until i heard the authoritative scholar tell me she certainly was not perfect 

But at least to the majority she earned her iconicness fully  - with impeccable credentials, and with democratic bells and if she said something, then t really does have authority, if we use it in our rhetoric