Friday 26 May 2023


ahhh hahhhh.... so, one can now only DRAG..multiple pics...ok

Anyway "what do you do?"  - ehh you have no idea what of late is behind ..this... but that really is a dull story, of only failure, and Sadducees and usual, for thousands of years, even if they pretend to be modern..

Much much more interesting - if someone had said to me a year ago, i would have the most fascinating (but true maudlin!  - this really began the final schism last autumn) inside view of the whole 'spiritual' wellness / healing / mumbo jumbo / "i am a goddess" // "you nasty man with narcissistic asbergian  how-dare-you-speak-to-me-when-i-am-screaming-at-you-about-peaceful-communication disorder"...

And even hear her make a joke a few weeks prior: "my my...all my spiritual healing disciples... when they are owed some money... my my they arent very 'spiritual'..." .. i mean what a...

Except i do not 'do' that here.. it is the reason i am delayed here... because no one else would spend several hundred hours, only for the sake of the child - him living sadly with her angst, putting up with her screams, in her kitchen... that are i well know, now, the ultimate (woke if you will - every perfect woke line)  foostampy  performance,  so cleverly designed to cover up her rather big fraud... but i don't know if she was even aware of the rather large  fraud she was committing that's the true art .. that is a true genius performance artist...   
I am just a humble simple fixer... but no hope if they dont know what needs fixing

But within this image is a story that is twenty volumes of Proust, and all of psychology since 'marketing' began

"hmm... if you tell them the truth, due your 'unhygienic' dogshit covered kitchen...oops sorry we don't mention that or SS may come and rescue them, and it isnt quite befitting the, you show......truth,  bad computer strategies... a child should know about, but then schools never teach what employers actually need... backup everything always or else... that you have been hacked... unless the stolen money is in Lithuania and you popped there to look at it like Gollum...  

"it is your peace... ' sorry hacked..all my promises were.. fairy dust.. they like fairy stuff..."

 few days ago

but we shall come back to that

meanwhile "what do you do...?" 

"Actually live like a king",

 and being she was the fourth (f) in three years not to pay promised wages... in her case someone known fifteen years

"on nearly nothing"

for years...come rain or shine, ringworm or legs like a eenagers..

and am so good at it

I just like making my own private media about it...

i mean no one else would get it...would they?