Sunday 14 May 2023

I am glad, that my 'reader' or two...

 .. have abated in interest, as in fact all has so come together the last month - I don't need to 'process' anything, all i need is simply time to weave simplest many year insights into simpler sentences anyone will 'get'. 

But it is the many poignant photos taken the last six months, too, very much part of it....and that takes time (and my only regret - though I would not be here so finally zenned had i one - a reliable plug, meaning one where for some hours there is quiet - even in the British standard library one cannot have that any more.... schism time... give up on this mad land...forever.... is happiness) 

My photos, do need weaving in with a little text...  though always only universal and rather poetical.

To be cont... for sure