Saturday 20 May 2023

introduction part 2

 Now, as for some months (seven years in fact)  i sought.. past tense i guess :-( 

a sidekick,  compañera, helpmeet, or just writing partner ...( because rural REQUIRES balance of sexes - another long story)  never mind filmin partner 

And have pleasantly liaised with dozens ! (on actual 'green' politics duty), i kindof know how to behave... and what the problems are.. the real version. 

But i have done my time - 17 or 18 years in fact, on and off and on -  proper city travel, even if as kid i knew my alcoholic father was dangerous (behind smiley artists mask ) and knew alcohol many, earlier than their time..and warped the families, i would have my lapses from avowed more or less teetotalism early 20s... and have wandered the Bowry drunk, 2 am...

Wandered (alone) the backstreets of La Pigale, Harlem, or even Moscow...  a bit drunk... or even on something a tad more spikey... (all such behaviours ceased age about 26 for good - but the landloping around such further flung places, continued on and off ) 

And all....  NEVER scathed - meaning never aggressed by anyone...i know how to keep away from trouble...  always... how to walk to be unseen, unnoticed..