Monday 29 May 2023

The last dawn

 Poignant perhaps an inadequate word. A fitting end to the start of the end, into the beginning.

At the rising of the sun today, just me and him. I wonder if it is the same one from thirteen  years ago... who began in fact my simplest mode.

I would fly away too.... this lot smell.  Which is an unpleasant thing to say - for people one only pity. Especially if despite Monbiot lingering, the smell just down the path from ttheir linger-place, be-seen place,  from the leaking sewerage in this town of vanities, isn't worth burning... so i shall keep my pictures to myself....for another day.

Meanwhile many most enlivening pictures from days the last hundred or so


But i saw her yesterday - them i should say; meek humble.... quiet...walking with him hand in hand...

just remember not only to delete a photo once 'published'  - here... but never go back to this supposed idyllic little Marches town, either (because among other vanities it is crammed full of very hard drugs... and users, so sadly..i cared about her)