Monday 1 May 2023

Well i never, part two

 TODAY must be the day.


The beginning of as she said yesteraft "i want to crawl into a rock and just be, aside.."

Because at last, never mind 48 hrs with the best purpose ever in my life - ever... except for one, always, she saw..

she witnessed.

Meeting a true Queen, Tara, who says it like it is....

ALL my whole 20 years has been worthwhile... sort of hahh hahhh..

And the footage we now have sums up her awful Albion. Forever. is about only one thing....

MAKING a ferkin 'helpmeet' actually do some mutual ferkin benefit....and not spend her days waffling on about her "healing" spiritual hocus pocus (she doesnt actually have FAITH in.... )

And i even saw.... she can write PROPERLY!!!!!

"lookey here Lebbo Layla.... that one Tara...if she were 5 years younger I would with not a second hesitation ...[censored] ... kidnap her, chain her to the bed ....and then make her youtube memoir to the world, and round here... her SPIRIT and superb fighting REAL warrior mind...I mean she is n the property of [nationally famous, rich, fake environmentalist family] ..telling me she did a lawsuit against a branch of the same name family...for animal cruelty...this at LAST is a REAL woman...sadly beyond breeding age but nevertheless all my damn life i just wanted to meet ONE with proper backbone....and did you hear her truly pointed cheeky rejoinders to me... she  a fuckin Shakti ultra.... i really do hope you LISTENED...and learned... " 
I have searched far and wide all my life to meet her...
and a sub rule of the lack Swan is yes....we met her in the most evil fey dodgy  gathering as i have known for years, ever...
Never ever ever think you know where goodness is to be found...or that you KNOW what is 'good' for you.."

THE real end - so i can start going backwards now

Except.... she even sung me the words, to THE song.... just like that