Saturday 10 June 2023

At last one sane man... remember Yugoslavia

 Even if he did not quite say that - the LACK of 'stories'!! feeling...emotion.

I am not a cynic.

I hate especially how UK has become cynical via overthinking (the last 20+ years)

smug, smarmy... there are 'smart' solutions.

I have had 3 youngers under my wing the last decade...good ones. One is still there...he now 27.

And such a smart smart (in a good way) chap...

And i love him. Its (platonically mutual though havent seen him three years. But we speak regularly - he really does much as even in his case a bit of butterfly itis - though i have trained him not to have snowflakitis..)

but even he will not remember -  "matey.... as Sarajevo and Srebrenica haunted us for years.... on the TV..   as we saw tragedy unfold - for me most poignant for several reasons...pacifist 9even had my most beloved boss sucked in inadvertently maybe... doing deals on aircraft...maybe ended up as corrupts ALL these wars)

"matey... please remember one thing only... as those of us who had a heart and some compassion cowered... 

"ALL... the ONLY saving grace - the only 'hope' was seeing those so courageous officially neutral Blue Helmets... saving peoples lives on the streets of Sarajevo... THAT is the only true solution - or help i know of in these impossible tragic situations..

We saw it...we FELT it... the only solution, even if imperfect...but it was what made one FEEL at least not entirely apocalyptic..

"then in sierra ra Leone...