Friday 16 June 2023

but real shisms

 have up to date 

real reasons

for me having real protection

( never unfortunately) 

when the London arrival mermaid i befriended in the Coop 2019... her with her nipper lamenting" consumerism" i was so impressed...we became friends..itnought " at last an inteligent truth talker..."

so so so expert this one..

websites about her being superguru child ( MA) clinical psychologist

facebook mountains of her worthy ' commu ity' mermaid work...homespun, lerfect...left behind rats racing....

recreated as lerfect local commu ity... equal

starts local creche and other wellness centres...vvvfuckable this one as she promotes

nwver overtly( but i see her eye in the coop over the years)

despite hubby who bought the land

he v handsom..Clooneyesque..i ncluding expensive snakeskin shoes..

in my last spot...middle of absolutely nowhere

just lovely mud and hills

they dont need the  large nrw SUV to commute back and forth to..

rheir labd just up road but have kne if cojrse


.eco goddess this one..according to her online

defo future council candidate on the side of pure goodness

paid COUNCIL funds to run woodland courses for kids

lots of

healthy stuf!

true wonderful example of mermaid perfection...

not quite so a year ago her own words with her poor 9 year old daughter stood at the carnival precession... for the rest of the children..

" here mister...youll have to excuse me...... aww nice to ser you where you been..? ... but i can hardly talk... [ wobble]...i am pissed ..two wines already... and had a huge spliff for breakfast.."

the daughters jaw dropping as she gave me a ..look... do i need to picture paint

at sunny day

... me... a year.... schisming from...her


and so many of her type....

their blokes dont get a word in theyre so full of their fuckin saviour complex...ssss

but i am no fool.

they won

i gave up

just be careful ..they may

thats their