Friday 16 June 2023

 but clear as day....

not that anyone can ever read

especially between the lines

every one of them i adore!

no joke

tbis bloke every day

happy as can be

because ultra simplicity is truly 

not only being free

but necessary

13...15 years ago k owing not one

could ever be relied upon

so keep it simple

ultra, so...

not a penny wasted

live as tjough

each day... the food may run

out and someone ( mermaid Michelle the first)

run off with your lovely old invan


( she given sanctuary from the actual Glastonbury druids who according to her...when not plotting her herbal wisdom business) actually did gang rape)

her day after day....

for a year

but freedom is also knowing

not one word ever

can one kniw

as truth



so be simple as can


which u only ever totally enjoy so i would not, for myself, 

 have one second of them ever




even if so serious ...serious hat the harm done to their children i know can never be fixed

and i am good at fixing.

any sane person, on the 7th anniversary of my many EU passport  advances: " marry me please! i need assylum", til i met EU .. ticket.. says SOME truth at keast... change if plan!!

anyone brings tbeir kids up here is a martyr nothing

except foolishness

as it is all far far saner on average across western europe...fact

data says so, too

but thats it for 

a bjt

i know one sad old man..of ckurse not to blame as like the mermaids he doesnt actually know kf his own ultra sad lying vanity

 will have set the2 snipers out

so as no one can be ' bkamed'... 

i hope they hit tbeir target

my back

jts so dull all this mass narcissism 

means no one KNOWS their actual even kartial yruth

only the fat raghead to riff with a bit

no more

ex cummune i Kate   

( started it... shame i never met Katarina, then)

just lretty pix..

for a bit

they make me very happy

i had so many good ones

that may just make folk