Monday 5 June 2023

"it's so funny"

 'pilgremage or..

I am not sure.

But in fact i did have to come here... timely. In the 'now'; now the bridges really really are burned. In more ways than one.

On the run

New life... certainly not here though is just ten times more funny than i imagined...

oh and you can make any insulting witcraft vudu comment you may wish

i don't read them


maybe never

i know exactly he life i have lived, and a fair bit of genuinely useful assistance provided to others... (so the public record indeed says)... i couldn't give an f what someone may assume who has not spent a fair bit of time actually in my bodily presence..

(i have so many irritating - draining..intermittent faults on keyboards and gizmos...i really is time to leave aside the screen and jus write in my BIG notepad (specially pulled out of storage for this - at some considerable effort too) - something about writing in big job, i love