Wednesday 28 June 2023

 having made the stupidest-best decision in a life of some


 spontaneous mad  little old crusades....

that always did work....


though never in the way quite.... intended

kairos time

i mean to be sat havong down time, with signal..

the new phone. .

no one else will ever know of...

the ultimate dance movie

not seen 20 years....

now i know sometging as i am a real thinker dont trust any cunt from any

" institution.. " i dont trust any of them any more"

McGilchrest and all his juniors in the food chain of trying to put words to the brain...

i am toughest cunt in the world

i dig fenceposts aline into stony mountain ground

skeep in an unheated van down to -15

but i know i am far more ' feminine' than one woman i know... and her cowboy hat


by any of these absurd modern day measures or interpretations...of the ineffable

i dont ferkin know why, give me a a laundry basket of cleaned little girlie smalls...any little girlie, smalls and i  fold and  look after them as if they were parchments made of actual  living child skin....


no matter what anyone else may...assume

as an intelectual and iwner of kargw kibrary on sociibiology and evolutionary biol... i have no idea what 'fenminine' means

other than the saddest con to make morw money especially if you are allied to the uber con wimmin of Devon...for some years i observed...

developing that non scientific zealotry at 250 quud a workshop no doubt...bongo bongo

but i do know one tjing

a real man even late 60s....with actual balls

and soul


didnt even need autotune 

 as he can still 

do it 

like a teenager

in fact in my opinion


to woman, holds the key to at least one decision...abd i mean my words. always

well except one little error " tell my daughter she was right"

cos stuff keeps happening when i want nothing ever to, ever again...ever... britain is utterly lost to mermaids with acedia poisoning. .

and thats just the blokey ones with small dicks below their sequins