Sunday 25 June 2023

oops video put itself in wrong place
not me onest

thats later

after sat a while at

favourite bench
really gets the flow going tjis bench
and i dont WANT to flow
because the best views are the one which
one doesn't have to wonder if one may belong to, or not

when Britain was in fact rather good at words
and the townies in fact did understand....

the point of good hard outdoors work

every day a new day and

what a perfect line to hear when you put your wireless on..

"...i don't need to be, forgiven.."

exactly that's what working with your hands...full body writhing and straining
 in the sweaty summer for

just as you decide, too
turn the notepad over

and make the last lage
the first, instead
on it comes

now problem with a perfect scene
a morning wander
and it sears itself in me like the scowl of a scorned beloved
one gas no idea how, scorned  as they never could tell, any truth
it is three lines in my head all morning.
three near perfect short lines

all one needed to say
about this scene

but the incomplete,
 even nervous for the right reasons

we write too damn much
weird thing though
i sit here this bench and the ferkin odyssey...just flowd
on autopilot

across from where
he view
 one never could belong as these fancy toys became about the latest fancyman autopilot
shiny anchors 
and...all that jazz.
i dont do machinery to show off
amways made me sad that
if i ever wished a boat it would be only a little one
room for ....

but i value any other persons need in that department
and i just always in my head am working out in the fields
sorting out old rotten wood
precisely what working in the fields was
even if the ladt one
so self righteous she
didnt manage to lay her last bill
two weeks working in her fields...
( unmortgaged worth 500 grand)

poor her
only authenticity kets you always sleep at night

hmm so what next?
i certainly will never get paid as a poet

but this one

maybe because not only years is it me...

i really do know now why

because when no one ever ever can be relied on
so Be

you have the solution
keep it simple as can be
for time and money

so it really is in my heart  living it so long
if thats me
that i will be
write that now
as anyway long ago i wished to start

righty ho yes
flashdance on

( you can get done for that too, tellin em where, there you go my second crime today....of liberation..)

siine it looks like yet another text was
" cuttin yer off today mister"

but this, in years of funny little synchronicities
the real joy in simplicity is how the mind shifts a gear.
a few days prior a compketely predictable fallow week
it feels tiring, planning
blahh blahh and no fuel til tuesday sunday i will have to go and charge in the house of god 
i run out
ohh woe is me i had enough tbem for a lifwtime: 

and two bew unused 12v batteries 
fully charged
where until this morning 
even a noze in
i did not

and that is a full day's electricity 

i wasnt going to bother

but why!? what for?!
no one is going to like my bad poetry

footnote, any gorgeous not first eng as first language  dont quite get the poignant ..twist of the knife . there at tge ladt lage
sane leople have known decades running on hard roads is..insane

who the fuck are they to judge...anyone