Monday 26 June 2023

so...just in passing even if

 ... a key,

 i know...

in case i get cut off

by insane Three

to Charlotte in the Lidl Queue today

what  a so much needed LONG wait

her incredible 

soon-to-be three

year old heckling


she said my hat "no one could hate"

Anyway.... wonderfully super gorgeous naturalistic no make up babe..

born and bred

so she said

But very worldly

natter natter

started with his 3 year old laughing banter...

"what was that...he made a personal comment.. please repeat young man... it sounded fun... aww shy are you... i see you want o repeat it


" ... thing reason for being here.... the only valuable one i know in the land....... the whole kingdom

but she will not know.

SHE is 'polluted' by more than he shit flowing into her Creek...

I figured it on a walk yesterday....

its HIM...

now, you are far too wise and non-mermaidy to say ' you cannot generalise..'


you see my old region, even if far richer "Waitrose bags" colonised

Hampstead-on-Wye Lugg and the rest...

HIS...nonsense.... he is not so ignorant to know they  - the locals...would never tolerate..

(full better audio on this landloping he lanes yesterday)



    Made a ton of cash from banking or property

mid 90s on...

London or some other smart people city... not down to earth Manchester or even Bristol...

He... is now 40- 60....

HE ...has a craft beer beard.

A floppy hat... 

And of course partner to match. 

HE..came here from the late 90s... large parcels of land and housing or disused commercial buildings he snapped up for a song... stolen London loo goes a lot further here... far from he tax inspectors and fraud squad

Only here - never regions like mine...or even rural Midland Black country... or even the South Coast - far too many 'none of your fancypants bullshit here thank you..very much'  retired army and the like. there.

Here... i see signs of him everywhere.

He owned land and then over the years figured he could spin himself into obtaining grants from councils...of course Eden Centre and (awful) TS perfect forerunner...

" butterfly sanctuary healing our schoolchildren... " the latest iteration... a decade ago some other homespun...image... HE... realised bought him ... not only more of him, as 'friends' but she.. the partner, particularly took to he milking the grant gravy train.. though of course they never talk ofthat, except to others like him, he knows...and come to HIS craft beer gojjii parties...

with he best blues on via the Bang and Olefsun..of course...

The hipster beard, or 2 weeks bumfuff... the perfec disguise..

and his signage - i have a collection now the snide version of "keep off my land.. or else" except termed in "i am far smugger than you and you may think i care about rights o roam but his is the real me.."

He is the (90s) version of the only London 90s spiv (Poliakoff so brilliantly portrays in the cult one he did.)

He found somewhere here where he could not only get away with what no where else would put up with...all those slightly fake 'social enterprises' .. he also found a pliant tribe in his wake arrivingwould never (dare) question... his actual authenticity

In other words a  feudal class

pretending to be saviour class.

But i know these people - query heir actual bona fides, they will fight (only a man) as if one of the psychopath Krays...

THEY... she doesnt know that it is NOT like this elsewhere

That here is the exact antithesis of freedom and open debate.

They.. pollute her reality

They are of course her 'reality' stuck... here in the most awful kiddult fraud society of them all...

" hey REALLY have learned VERY i am breathless....i could not have put i better myself.."