Wednesday 21 June 2023

why schism


put in pages by accident an hour ago

jotting great mood up with the cows mooing at 6..

8 hrs sleep no matter what

all that matters

gotta.... settle into simplest

being in one place


so i can write only nicely, now...

cant find the link button

no found it....

hahh hahh...but the above

perfectly personified

my old ' feed'...

ie when i google " bbc weather xxx"

must reset all

never going back... none ever helped

this ' passenger'  either...even if i did at some risk...

i was with her the day dad turns up pissed

at school to pick up nippers

last oct

i worked fixing the place 

she worked

last september and oct

a nice enough woman

surrounded by TWO mother hens

real ultra mother hen one was

knowing she the mum had problems .

i implored her friends... hers..

to maturely advise her and protect her

from " 50% ss are gonna wrongly snatch her kids..i am expert love...i did the cases..i know how they will twist this.....especially racist welsh...we need a full emergency community...our community..!! help you package luv.. create now a community of your family to guide you forward to soft landing.. i hate booze but i know you 2 larents ok and can come back out of this.. i see it in your eyes and skin..."

i had  gentle authority and

even the MHs knew i was right

great advice

one the number one 60 year old man hating bitch admitted...

and then i saw them all just pretend ...the tragedy

was not unfolding nor could be really helped

 ...quite simply

nope they never DID a tjhig...performative concern for their friend

standard easy wise community banding together

the dad an ok chap..

both minor longterm booze

but ok... could be helped easily

nope never did a thing...mature and grown up


so we have

death sentence

2 more young kids ... sooner or later ss

will ave em..

bet ot happens today

no its not her fault...

a 15 year immo out of her depth obviously

the english MHs

around her every day...

should have helped

i wisely guided into the simple course of action many year know

to actually help...

all treated me like i am some idiot..

and they are so have to have your recorder on all day

so i dont overclaim...anytghing


this is england ( all the fakes were)

and main mother hen ( hear audio on page) .. the ultimate in community snotty fake caring person

thats her image... jtterly bulletpoof

smile so painted on she had me fooled at first

all she cared abour was her expensive-to-maintain...very...


the breed they all like to be seen with now...makes em look gentle and caring..

too selfish to ever have kids..


actually learn to tespect a man as maybe ger equal..or in the matter of rescuing oarents from..( her acedia)

even LISTEN..and act


the end

nope they all tjink sick Tolle's listening is all... 

well they are wrong

the wnd

i do hope there are sane folk ... generations to come..

one day they can listen to splendid audio chronicles of... even T*** performed listening to the only person on that work community, gave sane advice on incident one day.. the mum had TRUSTED tell me face to gace before any other

and then did...nothing

except pretend she liked the kids... 

cos that made her image even more perfect, too...

for the english, to, see...