Thursday 27 July 2023

All recent...???

 Well, several....I only invite people face to face to sort of 'read' my matter (that is a pun, being I let the jabby Punjabber who lied about actually being half Pakistani  - a weird surreal 'performance' or what? back into my only for one day!) - meaning I only meet a few people i really warm to - i test could have been  so much more interesting (10 years) if one found only people of good heart  - hoe et droit..

Oh yes my god talk about the 'FIRST' - Bowie, overegged (no one except me had all his albums in out 20s and I am sorry NO ONE ever cared about how he dressed... a rewrite of history; and Prince - a nervy rather overrated showoff...Jacko of course...well being of the pubk generation one was obliged onto to decry him.... but hen the night of his death...atop Hay Bluff with the lass - at he polluters hip-cool-alternative people's party... the ravers and freaks gathered (only as i was next door, a mile away and we wouldnt have been able to sleep anyway with all the police helicopters Ross would attract...deliberately... Billy Jean on a 4am on their meggarig.. he sun rising...lass 'n dad  enjoying he dawn over he hills... "Billy Jean  ...thats my" on loud with all heir what a sublime moment

Bu there were only ever a couple:

"siouxsi who he fuck..... wow.... what the fuck...." life changed irrevocably "ohh...ehhhhh.. whatver this is... this is total once in a  generation genius.... she is better than the pistols....she is a REAL artist.... 100% our equal now the debate is over..."

Gnarls..." Esti.. he music went asleep for a ...well maybe 7 or 8 years...but its jus come...back"

But then... was it mid 80s... probably John Peel....

".....Nothing compares to what the hell is this.... its like nothing ever before.... and is perfect, and who cares what gender she likes or doesnt... or what she does with her hair..."

A true genius... dies too early...but if she hadnt dressed her self up in nutjob full body neurosis clothing...maybe that UV - which ALWAYS enhances the natural immune system.... may have given her longer

All recent face to facers... linked here.... regional wifi so truly disastrous two full days planned at desk with connection....wasted....and i have half an hour UNIQUE philosophical FINISHING OFF video in he can....
or maybe not....

to be continued.... what here thus far wont make sense until last bit here also...soon

And then i MUST edit as both my cameras full with pics and filmies...LOADS more hedgehogologue to come... (that "sells" hahh hahh)
And my several month old 1 terrabyte annual so so on drugs - more than the local  type 1 scary  nutjob males...

all over his town and really do unnerve me... and its a miracle any lone female feels even slight safe talking to some chap she hasnt known 25 years...

I have uploaded several folders of film and photos to backup half a dozen times..over the last few weeks.....and it eats files auto-chucks-them-in-bin! 

dozens of files mysteriously disappear....

i give up! ( i am full time trying to make this.. the real art it will be soon)

I have known many tech glitches.... in a long digital life...but this one is literally world record utter load of buggy rubbish...and he most highly rated by a leading tech mag... one never any more knows WH|O to trust...ever!

to be cont