Sunday 23 July 2023

And please do not assume

 it makes an ass out of you and me..

not me actually.

Only you.

I am the lucky one.

Thirty years ago i knew EXACTLY who i am...

I doubt that can be said for anyone any more. I would go off gypsying around Europe - generally heading for smaller towns in Germany, Spain, Yugoslavia,

(oh yes MAXIMO !!! he told me of a woman he met from Belgrade some 20 years ago - she was cycling around his Northern Italy home with just an old sit up and beg bike - like mine...a wicker basket out front containing only one small bar of soap...  she was only about 25....  he said its the most interesting and evocative story of his whole life - and he still is curious about her!!...)

Italy...especially awful dilettante Italy...

Get into the town by gyspsy airlines me driving...and as soon as possible walk ...out into the surrounding map just the sun as guide..

I took very very few photos in my 20s and 30s - dont think i owned a camera for 20 years...

But here is a rare one i still have with me - i wonder how i took it? maybe i did have one but it was stolen in italy by drug munchers...

The countryside i would run off to around a  German town..

thats me...get aside.... really aside. Always have been ever since i discovered age 30 ish cities are full of rather silly melodramatic fools, with NO 'art' inside them either

 skip this..... you could say it goes with the first video this morning - the fat tattooed women, 15 years ago coming out to rural places to begin planning their riches from future empires just...tattoing..(i could never have ANYthing to do with anyone with one of them..)  - sorry it was all women... never told their kids always clear up behind you... so who can blame their kiods for not telling their kids
Actual me...
wander off ..get aside..
i knew who i was..

30 years ago...and also when i created that audio 7 months ago "purpose"

only money for sure - make material about how to live well with the body falling to bits...all the dance centres closing as the council spends all their cash on people too fat to not be so sick they cannot walk to make themselves better..

And....  such fun finding the key to death and life in one...just meander on...despite it all