Sunday 2 July 2023

At the cliff edge, which gear?


bloody nature!

you cannot get peace and quiet anywhere

The intro all that mattered

That cannot be heard

due the racket of her sea:

if i recall, but i have a perfect memory, even for almost every word sat on the plane with the overturned, Queen her, 6 1/2 years ago...

the one woman (then) who did, it seems, tell mainly her truth

But now. The end of the road.

intro to vid



".. nuance, tone, smiley energy during delivery... 'exposure' is not a nice word... I only communicate for a non-first-language person who i full well know  - because she told me one thing I believe, how the plight of being suspended between two languages - lifetime proficient in neither, hurts her

"...  exposure...  not nice word/nuance... simple honest telling all truths... is peace and centredness- the only two things that matter really... but they go and confuse EVERYthing with nonsense clever-dick jargon from sad men (mainly) who guru [it should be a verb] crap from inside their houses ... and if they spent a bit more time, NOwhere... just out there, they would put themselves into 'perspective' of being a bottle called Eckhart poison... 'LISTENING' is something that in rural small scale communities  - essential for greener land use, is negotiated with sweat in your eyes - over good healthy bodily work - with scythes and long bars digginmg out holes for gateposts.... between wounds and muscle pain....

"working hand in the rougher terrain and cannot be learned from an awful screen or fake man sat indoors... to keep himself inhumanly away from being where every conversation i have ever had.... is sane...all now ruined by their control mechanisms - their phones... there is no comm8unication there..only here or in the fields above where work could be done...BOTH  sexes equal and in equal toil and struggle...which makes BOTH..happy..."

wasn't actually said in full hahhh hahh...

but should have been.

truth - all their truths, by name...later...

Because that is the point: totally above and aside, they all pale into nothing. Except for several the last laugh is on them...

If you LIKE women and wish them to behave like 'women' -  producing something good, out of their...  dot dot dot... rather than only pissing poison. Set some examples....

But first i guess we have to set out the problem...The net REAL measurable effect, it has been in 99.9% of locations impossible for years to achieve small-scale 'SUSTAINABLE'  - cost effective (economical) , land use... which is always more nature friendly, in medium term, without woman and man cooperating away from their sad little egos...  

because of their sad little egos... 

even if ego is a non word

for pride, self love, self regard... and inability to EVER think of how every single one of their words and actions DOES have an 'effect' ... cause, and effect. Not blame - because every dull moment of my dull life for years has been exactly the same cause and effect...

Every shabby one of them... exactly the same

If only they know just how dull they are

well i need to make sure they know

For THEIR own good.

I need nothing