Thursday 20 July 2023

come back...




these absurd ( group 2) men ....De Botton their awful nervy guru...
De Bono..the  first...decades ago... ( i read all his books)

come up with their crappy 'slow' life...slow this and that...gimmicky talk 15 years ago

and no

because none was EVER grounded in earthy real
i already was

and grounded in REAL 'slow'

i could see how dangerous and dillettante they were

they dare not ever speak the truth of their English...contemporaries
so dangeroys
they are NOT to be found in much of Europe

i know
i know Europe

and only because if years...years..trying to have THAT conversation... 

deep down, 
and i still am but guve up
if she cannot have it there never was any hope

but years
about group 1 men and group 2

how fearful deep down they have made EVERYone

and i do not refer to murderous coppas ..

all is ruined, especially here by those 2 groups of men....

and now its clear
but the fear...sad caution....
 they rolled out means i never had the time to slow down so i can even check all for typis
as it ruins ALL maybe alliance

they ruined
but a slightly lost slight  fool sadly cannot see how

i can and will at last simply say

only this morning....

due three more riffed with last sundown, on a hill...

over hedgehogs....

do i know ..why.....


i knew November last year...

and am back there, again....


I needded to figure theirs....first.

And now...only now am i reardy to write the simple version....

i lie

its in the audios from dawn....

even with a friend... he is..really is . . a curiosity....