Saturday 1 July 2023

Dad... borrowing...yeaahhh right!... how are we going to return them, then..?"


performance art..ish

"i feel guilty" he short video.

The TRUE silver lining of simple living.

You see when you have had 7 years of he utterly disingenuous - no one word do ANY of them mean when they say it

 ( i MUST get out my video made with The Leb at a famous mans house - in front of his grindstone just 2 months ago 

"nope,,,wrong.. the buggers WILL grind you down [nil illegitimi carborundum] .. the key to living on is collect the swarf - the dust and metal grindings, at the bottom of the them and one day maybe even turn them into beautifulart" ish 

(copyright me - all my material is ONLY me unless otherwise stated - and i wish to give every word away, or stop, only to bolster another who NEEDS to express...all... and the truth of her own customers she utterly decries... ish...i need nothing but good purpose - to bolster some other useful truth teller)

So, yes... 15 years really the utter drain and waste of time from fake 'warriors'... time is the enemy, and occasionally one runs short on cash.

I have a list of every 'borrowed' item from even 15 years ago.

But these are far more interesting and i would like FACTS not fuckin crap from bad scientists  - all the women online with their snake oil vomit dietry bullshit

Having 18 months ago gone through the 'pain' barrier one witner morning, no gas left...hungry..

"well i never ... they may as well be black swan eggs...i thought i may puke, but in fact wow talk about fabulous instant protein hit... and saving time and gas!!!..."

 I all the time have them raw, especially when at the side of the road and... not guarded.

(i shall pay back out of royalties on what ii know is a superb book on simplest living....but it must BE for someone...or there is no energy in the writing of it)

But... are they more nutritious? raw... does cooking (occasional treat like now) ... add or take away to best bang for buck - gut performance

pollution everywhere - my new friend she told me the whole story of these... (very affordable)  - mixed with HMS Liverpool silver... thieving scouses(they all are BY the fabulous film from 1920a...Waterfront i think..even poor tenamment dwellers all they lust for is my mother's cohort so beautifully showed, nothing changed....but the mask design got even cleverer...even i wasnt sure at least 10 yearsof adulthood) even pollute nice local metals here...

him... i know he is!
(his signage dotted around  - keep off my land! unless you have paid me a grant via the local authority...says so - in such a snide manner...)

now i don' know if he is one of the original nasty cult of him rich Londoners... several wise women have now informed me i am 100% right... they are so sneaky but use words around them like ACTUAL "democracy" theyll have your facebook suspended or hacked... 

waste not want not
early evening
fresh water bowl for the dogs...
as i had a day out a week ago...
a week ago - it feels like a LIFETIME - thats the key to staying young hahh hahh...and fresh of mind...too much happens, but it is be it

i could live here...especially after closing time last Saturday at 5pm..
no artsts around showing off
their absolute total lack of understanding what art is for... 
someone far more topwank than i said "to make the comfortable..uncomfortable.."

Note to self - make it 4 quid for a dozen eggs, add to the tab, they were pretty small... but kept me alive another day. A crime of mixed-morality, all money spent the last month,  on saving someone else's matter what she may think. Daddy knows best.