Thursday 20 July 2023

 stendhal... ( gorgeous.... the petit bourgeois cant and vanities)

can now be updated

because two sad new behaviours came along...15 years ago ish...

one turbocharged by drug ignorance ( they are dangerous.....these gurus of the chemical generation.. i knew 20 years ago!

.i get it especially the one trying to charm me last dusk...i met before)

and the web..being indoors going mad and trying to figure ways.of truly getting under the spiky defences...


radio4chan helps us know them..

they have ruined all...

the youger gens on their bandanad bollocks bad boy roaming

( its the 60 year olds you gotta watch out...if they survived this dystopia...  that means they know how to violence...with a smile... 

but then

in the black car...two new friends

i overheard a truth...verbatim:..." my fucking solicitor is ruining my life.." 

"preytell dear ladies...i like you... real people..." 

the real britain has been so beautifully audio recorded

in 5 minutes....

them laughing.  


why an assistant equal was always needed


edge of seat!

i love him even if one cannot value an can only value a human

who relative to the rest

she is different

as i have only once for decades

i dont fake it for the camera...

many hedge vids taken this morn

still to load


now i know what to say