Friday 14 July 2023

Hedgehog Bites Man

ROAMING WRITER PERSON ..offgrid totally 2 years....- broken laptops.... all first draft.

And anyway nice weather is for not laptopping..its for walking in the outdoors.... THAT keeps you human and alive...and philosophical such that i dont give a fuck what any current or ex nervy towny thinks - i have lived my rural AUTHENTIC mode for 25 years.... and its GREAT - and works... for us every day is a new day and invitation person

This 'post' is just a chapter in a sketch for several books i am riffing out in first draft here,  which start at first 'post' at beginning of this year....go to bottom right hand corner and click on 'older posts' get back to start..... context is all. and in fact is not here yet  - will be by 16 or 17 July

some being put up 15 July

hardly any battery, so its sporadic and no time to edit yet.

THE 'TOMS' have been updated a bit  -15 july latest 'post'.


but this wasnt the plan... the plan was a slow reveal by the odd clue... a rustle there, a spike or two there..a nest in the grasses showing a dark nose only....

.... keep the reader on the edge of her seat...

"what is this?"

but whats the point i have utterly no idea whatsoever what anyone wants or may follow through with...ever....and the stuff that comes out of the mouths of even those you know WHY you really do value them... as unique, the same applies.

maybe all a silly dream...

..... why, 'schism' last year. And i meant it.


13 July

BUT.... i was going to build in the words. They exist, in my favourite format - the large A3 pad... matter what, whenever I meander down here the flippin flow is unstoppable..all day, and better than i have ever known in he past - gets to the nub of the buggers ..

NO ONE INDIVIDUALLY REFERRED TO.. except someone from long ago - who is referred to, in the papers, as his 'Toms place' became the first around and about my old place where knife violence occurred...after drug stuff of course.

And as many a year ago that is exactly what one moved away from... it is of note. And WHY it occurred, too... these Toms are universal and it often ends less well than their messiah act may suggest. And if there is one reason to leave the UK it is this. Because i know when i am in a minority, of not ever being one of them...when i could have been...but 'we' knew about this cancer 40 years ago! Maybe years of smiley two faces... dressed up in yoga garb... but it never goes well in the end. Because the British - especially supposed cultured semi elite, do have a weird litte "martyrdom" (she said angrily)  tendency to accepting he eventual psychodrama .. they preend they are above.

Not me i only ever...walk away.... and find it all so "boring" (q marks because.... that wasnt he plan - they are superb and she wrote down my word...)

These need some words added in for context and a story to be clarified

 And some links and bits n bobs...


13 July Am hedge clippings

A superb poem about boats
and the problem

The Toms

And hedgehog actually DOES bite man.
Only humans were hurt in the making of this film

(stop the nonsense..'nature' is jus there to remind us we never are in 'control' and...keep our absurd controlliness, in perspective...indeed all of us, in perspective...)

LOTS of add on and linky bits to add to this later explaining video

LONG i wanted to make i can go over he cliff!

superfast quickest extra notes on above. When scientists and all 'experts' - of he mind body, soul, or all together, scientists and all sorts of bigwigs,  started to say 'IS' rather than 'MAY' be ... the 'truth' is what foxing and hedgehogging is about. 

Hedges say "hmmmm... lets kick some a few gigs.. throw i in the hedge a few times and see how it reacts......  MAYbe the body will work well if we .... do this instead of that..."
Foxes say " what i know IS the way it is.."  generally cos i am pretty and famous like Dawkins.  

The Toms - when Their 'community' projects begin of course they have the best spin ever - ALL he right words. 
For example a large public space (owned by Ukltra Tom, Hilary rich kid with issues and many drugs inside his head despite being public philosopher) - not of course 'public' as he inherited the cash to buy it in first the 'workshops' for children OF COURSE are £1.50....
Bu hen down the line events dear girl bankers accountants look at the books prior to megga anti-green developments in hills around... 'spars' that it turns out he never had planning permission for..
The BANKERS say "well to borrow 5 mil to develop that land..if you want a 5% fixed rate business loan... well your present holdings mus show a better RETURN on 'investment....' ehh...£1.50 sounds very cheap for a 2 hr playtime thing... maybe thats where you could SATISFY our fiscal requirements...for you to show healtheir returns so your biog master plan...may have earliest fullest funding"

And what do you know "it is with great regret that due unforseen circumstances we now have to charge £7 an hour for workshops... £5 nett if you buy a year up front at xxx...[no ordinary dad or mum will be able to afford]"

 No ACTUAL 'community' orientated person - oldschool, i.e. for ferkin REAL, would alow that set of circumstances to be even the smallest possibility, as when they used the word 'community' hey mean it - communitarian values as bedrock against the landowners who will always eventually NEED to put the prices up...even if its just for their Missus boox when she doesn like ageing 'naturally'... despite her 'Natural Store' bag...habit of displaying it...VERY markedly

furthermore they are far too craft beardy or is it beery to  manage to se up a legal framework called community land trust hat...actually is fully properly democratic...  designed precisely to lock in homespun oldschool fairness and this land of cheats, in the main funded by Toms mum and dad.... whom.... never bothered reading their Russians or the likes of magnificent Slavenca...

Dawkins was wrong
Though in their politeness and utter inability to think laterally, the title should be ALMOST ALL  that has been bossed at the people by ALL of science and  medicine and most social policy is based on ignorant zealotry..or in fact simply ARROGANCE

And it matters...far more Dawkins was  sold by far, when people used to read real books,   than all he rest of the (hedgehogs) put together.
People like Matt Ridley etc (all powered by Dawkins obsessive atomised binary view) all then influenced public policy,and so much was  arising from Dawkins arrogant atomised view of biology.
Rather than all is connected and ineffable in ways we never may know.. and fluffy and hedgehoggy...and the Toms hate that.
(and where they live the environment is ALWAYS worse)

No, a trillion quids worth of sequencing and 'targeted' medical intervention was criminal when our society poisons the masses with trans fats and doesnt MAKE kids somehow be outdoors a LOT, and doing loads of movement (that trillion could have paid for an individual armed guard for each, worried about paedos or bugs)  ...we literally created an ill people ... and its NOT just he corporations it was poor quality totaly fey propaganda by these awful Oxbridge assholes.... amplified by the so ignorant Telettubbies of  the media 

Because ALL the science the last few years says loads of being out of breath and sweaty exercise, and loads of UV way way way outperforms pretty much any bodily medical approach...bu of course no one can make any money out of ...that 



The ZEN..of kairos
(hmmmmm did i put that phrase in one of my 2020 21 secret meetoo-scared-to-reveal-truth, riffing for poetical fun, sites ? 
Ohh well, she's worth it...

I forget to put my bloody hat on, being it is now officially approved as the best, by the hat lady....even if officially she crossed herself off the allies list with that...comment.

which ended all.
Because when the bookish cannot even ...chill...
there ain't no
which is what the next gen have to know if you actually love matter what

Because, to do it  a bit better than mine lot - would be so fuckin easy it is daft as every single instruction we had 40 years ago as a teen just understanding from the great goddesses of then.... came true and s
Or else.