Thursday 20 July 2023

her horror ( doesnt watch them) scope

 thats the thing.

when perfect harmony back.

total centred peace.

then doing ones jobs...bodily.... stop and stare between moving physically....

then, that is when the actual true answer comes.

the simply true one line.

Never mind i have twenty witnesses to it being true...over 6 weeks... all who i can get to furnish...the proof

even the leader of ( local town) town council...asks me this morning on my occsional towny meanderings,  to make a representation... 

long deep chat

me her at the park...

she told me the FACTS..

nope she gets ( innix) version...


just the story of what is done elsewhere ... and some webpages to read about how it should be...and damn it yes my new river one, too....(she tjinks amazing idea!!)

" if you put my name to it i shall be very upset....ok no kids i cannot get you to swear on their lives...

.'....[thats the prob with the kidless they can never be held to actual required to stick to their honet et droit...( sad for them)..but i am clever nowadays....] i only wish some younger folk to be in with you... what i have fed  the point! they, not i will take these two causes forward....they care, i have just helped tbem with what evey single one from Corby down is not v good at... the stories and rhetoric....

and alone i cannot mentor them much in uk...too dangerous as a lone man... smileything...

even if i know they like me...."

a riff upon a sad horrorscope assumption

in the can