Friday 28 July 2023

I mean....

 if one were to wander around

(you gotta imagine the con text, moi sat in a dull carpark - unusual - i seek the wild cliffedge places... the LIMINAL 

... REAl meaning and every 4 chan mainly woman twatteriat has notably a few years turned that word into something it never was..

liminal is the place between the borderline that seperates you from me but above all

the place where the surfers actually surf the real boundary layer

up there above... because they WANT to be down here below but know that it is a sea full of rotting sererage and to..

comment, or even 'change' things one has to find the true 'energy' nto ride the very thinnest dangerous airless places....and 

or in short the ones who now have colonised that word...well Homer should do a cyclops on himself and pick up his own shattered bones and rearange them into swordsticks with which to pacifistically stab these new... last 15 years ish ... gobberatti who just use words to impress...

who think by looking a word up - in fact i bet 4chan even has an app "how to make the audience think you care about words, and even knowledge, try out these words...dude.."

liminal is a word for kings of the wave... 

Old Gray

before he castrated himself 29 years ago..

liminal is ..

I mean if one were in nowadays a dozen places  - probably all of Bristol, lots of Primrose Hill to Hackneyed London..Stowe, Hay-on-Wye...Totness,  Foulmouth....Margate, too, I am sure... 

(NOT Lisbon, most of Spain, lots of France and Germany.... oh yes i remind myself of a picture i took yesterday entitled what is NOT here..) 

To quote - or NOT  - thst the point! the worst live performance ever in history...

Because the younger Gray... before he chopped em off and t them in a drawer at his agent';s? or company's behest (i bet his wifey's..)

Singing ... screaming  but the silent beautiful silent screaming contained in the lacuna... that means you just know they of the song fucked as if they were surfing on boards powered by nuclear fusion..just stolen from beardy's 2000£ quideratti a board ....fancy lifestyle shop....

.(thats the one promised for decades by the foxes... )... a fusion in their case

.... that worked...

almost in the original - the purest primal scream of 

" i care little for my body she said, i couldn't care less about my soul.." 

is perfection in the whole context of that time and place and ... just because he did deballify the whole of the culture...

doesnt mean it has to be forgotten about as great Homeric real stuff...

never mind the delivery of...

" in  the bitter violet night... the stars wear sour grins.... in the vastness..... 

.... etc.... 'shoutin'....

confusion wanders in...

chaos and turmoil prevail..


hope is drowned..."

but then there is something lacunic poignant liminal what-the-bible-should-be,  and all of Homer in that "strangely we settled down"

There within is the answer to them

the yogamatterati

the Waitrose bags and their 

Natural Store one they will have to keep for special occasions only when

... he turns off her taps (a composite 'her' Tom-Paul's Katerina i now name Polly Garch...

due the utterly death defying liminal poeticals ongoing me and the fat Punjabber for three years....)

twenty five years on

Though Polly had better lawyers so

she sat there in front her (motion sensing) CCTV screens 

plotting her next face lift

as i - real me - am wandering down her unsignposted track..

And then as no soul to care about nor the one of her young liege - age about 13

as she lies to me " i think you will find there are..[ private land signs]"

Because to lie so fundamentally about RIGHTS people died - to 'roam' or access... the land..

the most fundamental aspect of 'democracy'... to deny it in front of her £100grand machine co-pilot..

Means yes i returned to an evil people but of course she wasnt the 'people' who once stuck it up to Cranmer and 

even if history supressed - it by the fancy English Byrons and miscellaneous pants..


(the only history of England that is absolute is that they ...[not we i am not English - as in]... started gobbling loadsa sweeties way way before any other people on the planet and..

the only bodily thing actually matters (in context) is that almost any refined sugar changes the mood and turns one into a stroppy footstampy thing that takes onesself far too seriously,... and pant a lot.

As YUK largely became forerunner in about 300 years ago..maybe 4...

But 'female' feminine' 'male'...other than obvious biologically...

All 'she' was doing...was copying the ultimate Tom-Paul... but is he Katrina or Polly?oligarchs son...  all of which should be irrelevent - a man PAID a fair bit of new money to add to his inherited pitiful pot of gold... when a man paid to be a scholar, and teach others how to be scholars...and writes real books and has a real 'scholarly' massive [think Gollum that 'precious' clip cant find any more] " mine...all mine" 

A man many would the last 15 years term a leading 'public intellectual'...our ex  7  year neighbour - nearest one in  to us in our hills, two km yonder thank god...

wandering Hilary Lawson's land ... ehh with many centuries old very hard fought very wide public pathways  - marked on OS maps for decades... he denies in front of a child old enough to read that map with her dad... "no pathway here my neighbours" the END

(essay partly on that in an audio or video or... whatever..a few months ago....)

so Polly-Katrina (i like that actually yes if born plain old Pol, she would give her name a facelift, too)  is just copying the original girl child in a man who woudnt know the meaning of the word 'man'...

But i have just insulted girls...

I have no idea what masculine feminine means... except Hilary may have had a brain if he had dug his own ditches to drain the sewerage around his 'writing room..'.... and i am the lucky one...for having that privilege my body and soul enhanced by such work...for years.

And become less of a sour ... bitch.... had his mindbody been in proper healthy balance