Saturday 22 July 2023


 my writing


it is far far harder to write succinctly especially when one has so much material... ten plus years

and for time being all is in far too wordy notes. and audios - many from the last month to load here soon.

here is something awful and especially English, especially the last decade in the "ohhh...s/he writes so beautifully and with grace and insight..." except ref Rachel Cusk - a REAL grown up with balls..... leaves nuance and space in HER work...only grea English writer for at least 20+ years...

 she knows you are all FUCKED....with McKewan Julian Barnes and that lot as your scribes...anyone would be .... i read all their last decade of books - each one a weird awful cynical load of NOT intelligent crap...yet hey get on he BBC with heir holier than though erudition as if....they have ANYthing interesting and new to share 

i can write. I have (ohh and here is your hedgehog SKIN story)

the problem is interesting content - Thomas Berhard's short stories superb on quick fire word pictures short and sweet - and real...

example - that Titley scheme...  told a few including local bobby.... local bobby says "wow... THAT MEANS LESS CRIME... the underclass [as they term them] have a stake in their communities...and will behave better"

he knows i was only person working on hat simple great scheme... yet some fascist via their fakebook puts in 'report' someone sat in van during day outside their village hall...(couldnt get signal back a home) he comes and moves me on... when he law of the land the citizen has the right to sit on public property...





to importan to wank around with fancy words...


especially when ones past region they smugly sit around discussing profit...some will have been specifically on the contracts to broker the cluster bombs...tearing off childrens limbs for many years to come, i know..i used to fly their planes.... and one such person i loved him once - once a true good man...was dragged into unwittingly doing arms deals to  swap planes for... other things....used kill Yugoslav children...1990 

i do no forget who i AM

and why i changed... why i realised i mus stop - or ast least find a few sane allies

but thats thats Tiley - utter SAS centre of monied military world... they fake otherwise, but thats all hey are.... 

i will need a guard to even go and collect old tools.... because they above all hate truth. Bullies one and all.

That i why i had to free to share at least a bit of it. Which is a requirement - responsibility, to our girls.... they fuckin fake 'love' of.... dont know he first letter of what that means....

HANDWRITTEN PAGES FROM THIS WEEK... the real fun pages that need to be woven into what written here today...

quicker easier less tension   - digitals for now me constantly chasing only an hour of laptop battery....

time to sit and stare...and ponder how to best put things...with pen and paper - attempt philosophical nuance - hate the sin not the sinner...

but some sinners need word pictures of them or it is dry and dull

only real life pictures - some description - some stories ... engage....

plus its not googleable that way... i never seek cheap ways of..getting attention. or false pity

not googleable yet

handrit bits


dark and rainy

not enough light for the photo... tomorrow there will Be..