Monday 24 July 2023

NOT "The Sublime" yet...and not 'authenticity'


pure emotion, only those of us lucky enough to have had a fishermans spike shoved up where it hurts and twisted daily for years...

discovered in the GREATEST year of all time (well after 2010 and before 1998)

To be sat with super audios....despite evil Rachman landlordess....[of about 200 souls].... (wait til i start on her  - actual Mein Kampf that book and tapes... her wiches cackle as she gets out of her Audi the big black ones.. ' coming to burn your furniture matey..'"  

no longer payin the bitch her filthy rentier cash... (i have her original books  - picked out her 'burn thier stuf" skips...i used to nickname her Skippy....they are so funny the way she used to claim every penguin back in Milton Keynes...on she could hget here to one day gentrify all and rent now only to the Yoga Bags... down on their luck Tom-Paul kikked em out for a sag or two.... and on housing benefit like the rest of the 'bottom third' ... politically correct term Gladwell stole from me  - around 2011....for the no judgement upon mad bad dangerous to know and generally.... unproperteyed masses )

time for

ALl the Ralphs to come out

oops out of sequence...

there has always been one

Thank you belle... Ralph needed to come out and dance...all the way now

Til them wheels fall off and burn

yes, so emotion.

the most superb audios what do they call em those dreadful musos elites "acoustics" ..

Byron actually DID Mrs Oxford and her 14 year old daughter just 100 metres away where i had slept 7 years..(so says his woman biographer to that cannot be tittle tattle can it?) .in the most beautiful setting ever on this earth...

our grotto..

in his last summer in England....

But forget English history i wouldnt trust a word all spin...

History rebegun

April 2020...

The greatest silver lining in izz story so you faced death and beat her a few years prior... " wow what the heck's this ... if one is utterly aside of their hysteria and self one even looked in on me 3 years...well.... if one is curious about 'mankind' what the fucks it gonna make of thios then...?  better get landlopin' all day and half the eve... "

oops what we got here

  new one from Jinal...

"oh my god.... this is simply...the sublime mixed up in Dante, on smack as usual...and Shakespearean women using.... for his dastardly art - they always get stuff done to em in im.... especially as the acoustics are now free... but i have never heard anything so perfect in my whole life as a mere human and.... how timely.... now Jinal has the TIME free a bit of uploading .... " 

" i wouldnt even know her if i saw her..."