Sunday 16 July 2023

she gets it..

errata "They...."
living in same van as me
a couple!
" how romantic.." the other version... of that word rather than the just being decent in a good simplicity right and wrong way.. version
hahh hahh...
"sorry that was sexist of me, your van, let me give YOU the info, rude of me to talk to him....."

the INFO

"real reason to leave UK...see this simple part here... six months, 6 or 7 blokes paid to know vehicles....paid... not one of hem execept eventually Paul T knew of this standard simple fault... make sure you photo it.... one day youtoo may need a man who can fix stuff... and  the quality of man is now so poor even in once sane oldschool places like my last region,  they just play hissy games too and are so rude hey dont call when they promise twice they will....having walked a mile twice to ask.....a standard garage!, play weird girly games rather than do their job, understanding simple systems.. so they can make a small simple repair...."  

 vapid... fave word of the week.... all one can enjoy -  just the odd true word hats a bit poetic, like...
so be it.
(HM clearly another loon who cannot answer her texts in a  straightforward way HER having asked for my her work.... stopped me to say it was fate we met again......give up forever and ever and ever.... the end
...definately a holler-gram...but why does one sneaky little cheeky one break he rules of it... ? all the rest follow a  pattern of exact predictability ....except her..interesting but research, takes, two to ..tea....)

The end 

meanwhile, Bristol, god women  - they cannot listen... a great compliment "sunglasses actually increase likelihood of cancer...i was prof pilot 20 years... never mind we knew 40 years ago the eyes are he windows to the soul....interfering with the uv sensory systems by sunglasses interferes with natures way of resetting systems to bat away too many uvs...  but the fact you dont drink - kids your mum is astonishingly wise!... trumps your sunglasses habit..."
thats 'distressing' in UK...

fuck em all ..
float their own boats to hell in a handcart