Sunday 23 July 2023

 the short version

 LONG ago discovered:

keep rattus alone - it is ALWAYS very stressed - SOUR...WEIRDED OUT... due cortisol and adrenalin whore-moans swirlin around... far more than if in a herd 

all day and night


ratttus snuggles up with another rattus...even one thats a pain in bum with her truly reallybad dadissues...hers the world champ loony sociopath..... (ogoing) but nevertheless sweet, like my last one, the  whole of  THEMIX - molecular soup that IS it - is the different

To the molecular mix of he solo rattus..

But i realised something interesting a few days ago meditatively wandering:

hen, that time, ALL issues over ...all inner quandrying gone...(especially having accepted death) ..all diversion and complication over, 7+ years ago....

when i was hormonally changed from he hormonal soup of herd living rattus... to solo rattus

wow... i so so noticed the massive change a few weeks on... all irrelevant assumption and thought and extraneous issues gone...

just that stark bodily thing - THEMIX... 'me'... no issues outside pure in the moment always, me.. 

. the change in bodily soupmix was so absolutely the  most noticeable bodily thing of my life... (of course affecting 'mood')

  No so called goody goody Greens or Labour 'social..' ists..of course can mention - i wonder why not - the key to 'health'... never mind reducing per capita emissions very very very quickly...

do them out of a job? or just too thick? made so by UWE and all the rest of the worst institutions and  universities history has ever known...

never ending spirals of madness... caused also by being alone - in ones own 'space' and .. 'personal space' ...