Sunday 16 July 2023


 " i like your hat" ..  there may be more than one i have said that to...should read their email this morning... even if sent to spam...their 'peace'

me its all a Monty Python....

no one ever pisted anything i sent them...except one hahh hahh...perfect poetical metaphor for.. 

get out of uk if you are sane

and as economics expert ... 

whilst Owen Jones is one if the worst journalists ever

for being too peabrained for saying in this " we knew of tbese issuees 10 years ago....duhhh... plus the utterly unsustainable model of the state arbritrating personal and family inability to have peace ...and fully effect oldschool knowledge it takes a village to raise a child...and talk sanity to warring parents too. .has cost a trillion of our debt"

uk asset prices...houses... off a cliff

renovate tart up sell...and run!

what really matters

bloody miracle to be still superfit and alive