Wednesday 19 July 2023

The Fable, of..?

..'children's book'? ...

cautionary tale..?



(not a nice word)

fake cliques called "community" and their pets....

 pet "birds"

But it matters... claiming 'community' in elite places....  when many places people cannot afford a roof.... is just wrong.

Definition of elite places: amusingly, never seen so many VW transporters... a nowadays VERY expensive vehicle even if dowdy rusty chic, the 'fashion'... ordinary people cannot afford to run any longer... i had one 15 years... hahh hahh priced out of that market when he trustafarians bought them all up some years ago (  we would just call them sad pseuds took a wrong turn after Glastonbury ... in the Marches )


certainly the truth of UK and Central and South Eastern Central Europe....since Polish biker Olivia said too - god i so so needed to meet her its daft! - truth to share...i wish! One day

the once deep and great soulful actual COMMUNITIES..... that did watch each others backs...and also ge along fine fairly equal and look aftter the family, too....there

 perverted by theme park realities of the  Western ...reality. They cannot often begin to understand. And our literature - UK ... so perverted.

(maybe no so much in the future.... plenty of murders Herefordshire and around by angry, sad, lost ,  once Eastern Europeans... community for them replaced by the religion of only consumerism...)

ALL ...except Olivia the biker are too frightened to articulate - sad but true...

the bourgeoisie of these people dont want to  bite the hand that feeds them... even if only with scraps. So... maybe dont even want to understand....

(scraps are not nutritious to the writing mind)

(Reference within to - very good world service program..unusually nowadays)

The ‘Barricades’ of Latvia

People from across Latvia took to Riga's streets in 1991, to show their desire for independence from the


AUHENTICITY - when i found a people.

And TRUE female esteem - only found it once. Anywhere.

And the only quandary and real "daddy" has if he is a grown up... and wants anyone to write well...

plus describing  fully an AUTHENTIC people..

last long waffle... one quandary they had - the authentic, , exactly as i would have ..if...

the real quandaries - which hurt..or at least deep down perturb

but the one i needed to manage  to express for 6+ months..

I can walk on now...

Did not know i needed to really  try sum up it  all... but fait accompli is what it is -  the 'control' given over to someone else...

for GOOD reasons

Though i guess they will be too lost to even understand...

And the ultimate rabbit hole (for all people nowadays) as scientists knew years ago... the screen makes you feel attacked and pressurised, even aggressed...  even when exactly the opposite intended. mindfulness and zen are only possible when there is not even a smallest possible inconsitency to hide... it is peoples right to be inconsistent...but fear of it being revealed...hurts everyone... unless a psychopath and i know of one person who has no reason to be that - half her truths were happily told...

All the way is much healthier...longterm..  

As i riffed with he lady from Guatemala at  6am today... who does £3 grand a week walking trips back in her home " i was one of he first in hat horrible elite £3 grand a week tourism thing... my then boss Foyle  invented it the modernday exclusive private tour media Tatler slut he was.... 2 grand elite days out per person...touring around European the brochure pin up and airtaxi driver... i am not ashamed  - that was me then......i learned (how unhappy and unhealthy my punters were - never any real glint in heior eyes...) ...and ...i  i did change...

thank god

sucking up to elites... openly or secretively. about as bad for the soul as eating hedgehogs..unskinned

 If one does have a freethinking independent good sceptical writerly mind that is.....

..... you cannot be both.  One can only inhabit one side of the river. Especially with a rotten hull.