Wednesday 19 July 2023

victim politics...

 the hood, of...


they won't say


i dont need to look up her spelling


the moment i heard her story, only a few years ago.

false arrests

the whole NYPD... made up many a case

And she a humble young woman.. a real one

tought herself lawyering all the state ones bent

and won!

her name burned onto my brain


But they certainly .....wont tell a truth i know.

Daniel Morgan's family got their big maybe payout today ..huhhh hummmmmm wait til cheque in bank

in about 10 years if theyre lucky

or maybe  not

( uk Hague please)

but i knew his mum

pretty well

Isabel Hultzman

met her on the hills by Hay 2010 

....many a time

ok evil tragic loss

but her and I laughing under Coop CCTV

the two fingers she had the balls to give the whole world

with dignity


and a very very laughing face

That to me ..showing her cheeky grin

they only made her stronger

and very very funny

20 ..or 30 years after brutal murder of the son

thats justice

bodily .....nahh....spirit pure true grit and spirit

though it did show in the her old one glowing most attractively