Wednesday 12 July 2023

What is 'art?
Anyone would think I've been on a shoplifting spree.

Definite art in the gizmo the dawn before last.

NOTE to self... (lowercase) get it up here it's good!

But going back from this moment now, sat on the same hill...

One week on.

The only one of so many riffed with, really whom is wise and gave a great opinion "i think i like to mix it up" twenty one 

year old


" so Tom... the problem, so many images that on the face of it seem anodyne and often rather trite, but if one added three, paragraphs, some will need several pages... transcend into something entirely different, and are the only reason i bothered getting out my freephone all 60 odd meggawhatnots of it.... what should i do.."

" d'yer know what i like i like to mix it...sometimes one word more often a few lines but also some get a few pages... i just let go and do whatever the flow is 

controlling me into doing or not"

I think in a land where i have known several decades very few truly cherish younger people... unless there is payment involved. Or some title they can rattle off into radio self regard, ....I will go with him. 

 But that will take a while as I have to do simple living strategies first. Especially now i discovered the fussy bugger will only eat MY tinned tuna...